Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A game of chicken for lawyers

No trial.

Case voluntarily dismissed by the Plaintiff.

He blinked first, which is good.

But now I have to stay home to do work that's been piling up while I prepared for the trial that he had no intention of going forward with.

God, I hate lawyers.

But at least I got out of jury duty.


Aurelia said...

I don't understand why you would've been called anyway? Aren't you automatically ineligible as a lawyer to begin with?

marcia said...

I know that's probably the way the game is played, but that must, in some ways, be a huge letdown to you, after all the work you have put into this!!
Are you still potentially eligible for jury duty in that court for a certain length of time, in other cases? Or was it a one-shot deal...not chosen this time, so off the hook until your random number comes up again at some unknown time in the future?
Side note---if it is as beautiful there as it is here, today, I am hoping you have had a chance to go dig some dirt and play with flowers today! :) Or at least take the kids for a long walk around the neighborhood!

Lissa Lane said...

I hope you got all the housework taken care of sweetie!