Thursday, January 31, 2008

MOM Project

The MOM Project was founded in October 2003 in loving memory of Mariam Rebman, beloved daughter of Lisa Rebman. The MOM Project is aimed towards families affected by pregnancy and infant loss. We offer a variety of information, services, and memorial gifts. Commemorative Birth Certificates and Recognition of Life Certificates, as well as Bereaved Mother's Bracelets are offered free of charge.

This project is staffed entirely by volunteers and operates on donations. Sadly, both are few and far between these days and the project is facing a freeze on all free items. As a bereaved mother myself, I know how valuable the smallest tokens can be when you are thrown into the black hole of grief. And that is why I'm coming to you, dear internets.

In the past, I have solicited donations myself for the purchase of supplies to make bracelets and mail them to mothers who request them (it now costs about $6 a bracelet to accomplish this), and my blog readers and friends have been very generous. To date, I have been able to send out more than 50 bracelets with your help...and I can't thank you enough.

Now, I'm hoping that readers/friends/lurkers will join me in making a donation directly to the project (we are now an official Illinois non-profit corporation) so that we can continue to offer bracelets and certificates to fellow parents in loss. A few dollars will go a long way. And with tax return season upon us (and the federal government's new economic stimulus plan sending out checks too), a few dollars won't hurt your pocketbook right now. In fact, a larger donation than usual wouldn't be out of the question (and would ALWAYS be appreciated).

I'm begging on behalf of those moms like me...

...who turn to the internet during the darkest hours of their lives to find the smallest ray of light in the kindness offered by a handful of strangers.

Thank you.


Amy said...

I will make a contribution, later today. I appreciate what The MOM project does, I have yet to order my bracelet, but I will, one day when I feel strong enough. Thank you for contributing to such a worthy cause.

Carole said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. Truly what you are doing for these greiving moms is more than words can ever say.