Monday, January 28, 2008

Party with a Purpose!

FROCK 'N ROLL® 2008: Fundraiser to Benefit the MISS Foundation

Please join us for a night of fundraising fun!

FROCK 'N ROLL is the annual charity event that brings together the Phoenix, Arizona fashion and music industries.

The date is the evening of May 17, 2008 and the event will be hosted by Alice Cooper'sTown, the venue owned by it's famous namesake.

FROCK 'N ROLL '08 will mark the fifth anniversary of this special event. As bands play live, models "rock the catwalk" in clothing designed by Arizona fashion designers, all in the name of charity.

Leslie Criger, Susan Di Staulo, Daynalyn Wain and Rhonda Zayas, highly respected professionals from different fields of the arts in Phoenix, are the producers and founders of the event.

Each FROCK ‘N ROLL founder, band, model, designer chooses their own charity. Champagne Tap, one of the four bands to play at the event, will be playing to benefit the MISS Foundation. Tickets can be purchased for a $10 donation during the presale. You don't have to attend the event (for those MISS supporters who don't live locally or for those who don't like loud music.)

Please contact Anna Kennedy at to purchase tickets for presale.

More information regarding the event is forthcoming.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I may just have to make a trip your way! It's all for a good cause right?!
Wish I lived there!