Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Poor child

Me: Your brother is a baby and he cries less than you do.

Sam: That's because when he cries, you feed him. When I cry, you tell me to stop crying. you got me there...
Sam: There's some horrible creature in the pantry closet.

Me: Like what, a mouse?

Sam: NO...Daddy says there is a horrible creature in there...not a mouse.

Horrible creature in the pantry closet=excellent place to hide Christmas presents (and years worth of therapy)
R: Do you like school so far?

Sam: I HATE school!

R: What do you hate about it?

Sam: Homework!

Kindergarten only gets worse from here kid.


neko said...

May I say that as a grad student for early childhood ed. I agree with Sam. Homework in Kindergarten. This is what is wrong with NCLB... we have forgotten how to let our children play and learn and the same time.

Sorry, just got done with classes this week. Sam is right. We need to change Kindergarten.

delphi said...

It is scary that your five year old is such a rational creature when the world is so full of people 10 times his age that aren't.

It is also scary that he can out-argue his lawyer mother on occasion ;)

Rosalind said...

How adorable is he?? very smart little guy

Shinny said...

He has your number and it is only going to get worse the older he gets. I am smothering my laughter at work right now over that first one. Good luck to you with two of them to raise now. ;)

Sherry said...

Oh he cracks me up!! Love his comment on the fact that you feed Myles when he cries and tell Sam to stop when he cries. ROFL! Smart little boy you have there :)

miraclebaby said...

LOL about the crying thing! That's too funny:)

Sarah said...


Jelly-Filled said...

Oh, Sam has inherited his mommy's quick wit and way with words! That first one makes me laugh and laugh. :-)

The homework part? That doesn't make me laugh. Sigh.