Miscellaneous thoughts

I was going to do all online ordering for Christmas. I didn't manage and am now empty-handed for a couple of people. ack!
I am addicted to playing Scrabble on Facebook even though I'm not very good at it. Hey, you try figuring out a way to get a triple word score on two hours of sleep!
I chuckled at this over at The Meming of Life.

Thursday morning I changed the channel from President Bush to the Wiggles. I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere...I'm just too tired and brain-fried to figure out what it is.
I did NOT give the kindergarten teacher a lump of coal for Christmas. Sam used his crafting skills to make her a snowman and I used my baking skills to make her some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. After our last minute basket assembly the night before the party, I forgot to get a picture of the final product. They say it's the thought that counts...and this kid definitely thinks the world of his teacher and put a lot of love into the effort. She better appreciate that...or else.

I did ask the pediatrician about "adjusting" percentiles for Myles' prematurity. She said that because he was large for gestational age (as well as so close to term), they don't really make any adjustments. Since his due date is the 22nd and he weighs 8lbs 11ozs now, I still adjust in my head...and the pediatrician can't stop me.
I am currently reviewing a zoning text for a township planning to institute zoning regulations. I read in the newspaper the other day that due to some threatening telephone calls made to public officials, there will be security at the meetings to discuss said resolution. Few things shock me anymore...but this really shocks me. People are getting their panties in a twist over zoning regulations that will protect their rural way of life (not to mention their property values)? How bizarre.
I find myself increasingly moody as the holiday approaches.
I haven't made it out to the cemetery to place the boys' wreath yet.
The stockings are not hung on the mantle yet.
My husband is making a joke out of not having done any Christmas shopping for me (and I KNOW it's not about the gifts...it's the thought that counts. But if he thinks it's funny that he hasn't done any shopping for me, the thought...well...that stings a little. And I haven't forgotten that I didn't get flowers after delivering Myles, so I guess it stings a little extra.).
Laundry and dishes keep piling up.
Work wants me to put in hours that I simply don't have in me.
I will not be able to attend the Christmas party at work this afternoon because I have both boys here at home.
There are projects around this house that I had hoped to get completed sometime during the last year...still not done.

I AM happy overall. Peaceful about life. It's just...I don't know...

Maybe it's PMS.
Steve and I are now the perfect American family with 2.8 kids.

Yes, I know it's sick. But it's still funny.
And because no post is complete without a gratuitous cute kids pic...

ahhhhhhhhh...my husband just arrived and took Samuel out to pick up dinner (that someone else is preparing). Golden silence. It is indescribable.

It has obviously been a very long time since I was five years old.


Monica said…
I adjust for Andy in my head too, even though he was only induced two weeks early.

I got a laugh out of the "reason for the season" graphic.

And yes there is a joke about Bush and the Wiggles. I just wish it were funny, but since it is the truth it's hard to laugh.
Hedda said…
I may be offending, but when you've actually had a preemie it's hard to listen to others who have babies a few weeks early call them preemies. My first son was born 11 weeks to soon. He was definitely a preemie and now an angel. My second son was born 4 weeks to early, but he is only labeled preterm. There is a huge difference.

I realize you have been through the ringer to say the least and I do not wish to add to your whatever. (I can't think of the right word.) I just want to make sure others who read understand that there is a difference.

I do find your thoughts on Fridays funny usually and if not funny then insightful.
Julia said…
The silence... I need it too. Especially after a week of being an only parent. And what do I do with it? Invite Monkey's friend for a sleepover, since they are headed to the same birthday party in the morning. But did I count on laughing and yelling for close to an hour after they went "to sleep"? No, no I did not.
Aurelia said…
Your last bit about the 2.8 kids? I laughed so hard I peed myself...I've been there, oh hon, oh my.
Trevor said…
A Scrabulous addict, eh? Me too!

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