Email to make you chuckle

I hope my mom doesn't mind me sharing this...but it seriously had me laughing so hard I almost wet my pants.

I have packed away my Nativity Scene - and lost it. So somewhere in this house The Virgin Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, three wise men, three camels, a cow, a shepherd, a mule, and some lambs are residing in safety and anonimity. Damn! Sigh. Life is hard when you change your patterns!!!

Well, gotta go look for the Holy Group.

Should I tell her to follow the Star of Bethlehem?


Marcia said…
Great idea...go for it! :)
Funny story!
BTW, with all of the energy you exhibited in your post of yesterday, you certainly do not sound like woman just three weeks out from giving birth via major surgery! Bet that feels much better than being VERY pregnant at this point in time! :)
DD said…
Whatever you do, don't tell her it's a sign of age. I made that mistake - once.

My mom constantly puts things "somewhere where she'll remember and is safe". While I can appreciate the "safe", I don't understand it. It's just her and my shuffling old dad in the house. I think it must be a hard habit to break when you bring up six kids over 35 year span.
Julia said…
too funny. you can also tell her that you are sure they will turn out on July 4th, more or less.
*Darcie* said…
How funny!!!
Bon said…
tell her they're just having a quiet Christmas this year, to avoid all the commercialism and those latecomer wise men and adoration and all. :)
Carole said…
lol Nothing like playing hide and go seek with baby Jesus. lol

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