Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bouncing baby boy...and mommy too

So yesterday I decided to mix things up a little bit and do a triple-axle complete with ten-point landing on my ass. And I was carrying the baby in the infant carrier at the time. If I hadn't been so scared, I would have probably laughed at how comical I looked.

I just took one step out my kitchen door, hit some slimy green goo, and the next thing I know I was looking up at the treetops. I turned my head and literally retched when I saw the carrier laying on its side. But when I righted the seat and pulled back the blanket covering my sweet boy, he was still sitting there snoozing and sucking away on his binky (poor kid got REALLY mad when I did the mandatory freaked out mommy appendage check). Myles is fine. I, however, called Steve to come home early from work so I could take some Motrin, retreat to my bed, and have a good long cry.

The upside is that I can now personally attest to the crash test safety rating of the Graco Snugride infant carrier (with EPS foam). Strapped in like a little astronaut, surrounded by a fluffy blanket to keep his head from flopping side to side under normal conditions, with his bulky crocheted winter hat on his head, I'm not sure Myles felt anything at all (not that it's a test I recommend anyone trying at home or anything).

Near as I can figure with my finely honed crime scene investigation skills, I didn't actually drop the carrier on its side. The skid marks in the green goo on the wood tell me that it was like I just set it down (hard) and then slid it to the left about a foot until it tipped (because my hand was still on the handle and upset the balance).

Pass the bad mommy award this way.

When Sam was about six weeks old, I let him roll off the sofa onto the carpeted floor. I thought that was bad. This was worse.

Luckily, everyone is fine. I turned my previously broken ankle enough to make it tender and I am sitting down slowly and carefully today due to a giant purple bruise on my ass. You should SEE it (but you won't because I like you too much to subject you to pictures of that...every blogger has their limits).

Now I'm off to buy an outdoor carpet for the deck. If anything can be said about me, it is that I learn lessons the first time.


DD said...

Thank goodness he's OK, but I'm sorry your butt took the brunt. Maybe they can make a "bum carrier"??

SydneyDawn said...

I'm glad Myles is ok. Hope your tooshie feels better soon!

Marcia said...

So glad Myles is fine, and you only bruised the bad ankle and it didn't break again!!!! Purple backsides turn green and yellow, then back to normal. No "bad mommy" award, Catherine! :) But certainly understand the need to retreat "undercover" for awhile to calm jangled nerves!! What a scare for you!!!

Shinny said...

Glad neither of you were "seriously" wounded. I know how those butt bruises can hurt though. Haven't had one since I hung up the ice skates though. ;)

Myles must be one content little guy to not even make a peep during all of the excitement. You have that mommy thing down pat. I will be calling you in a few weeks to help me figure it out. ;)

Candy said...

I don't think I even know a mother who hasn't dropped her kid or allowed her kid to be dropped by some act of randomness that requires marbles and a Swiss watch mechanism to duplicate. Welcome to the club!

Aurelia said...

Ditto Candy,

I've dropped my kids, and they've rolled off of things. I haven't slipped on green goo, but I've slipped on ice.

Actually you have me thinking about all the ice on the walk. Where the heck did I put that salt?

MB said...

And that, my friend, is why I never move the kid in the carseat without buckling her. Holy hell that would have scared me to death.

No bad mommy award for you! He was safe! You did the right thing!

Oh, and Gracie rolled off of my bed...twice. Because I don't learn. Well, it took me two times with that lesson.

(I better get a Christmas card)

Bon said...

sounds scary, and dude...not your fault. you can only learn the first time. can't anticipate everything...would drive self crazy!

Cristin said...

When my middle son was six weeks old I fell down the stairs while holding him (cradled in my arms) and he hit his head on the banister. He had a little scrape, but was fine. I however, could still cry just thinking about it. These little baby creatures cause so much worry.

Glad Myles is fine. He's a gorgeous boy.

Julie said...

That sounds scary. So glad you were both okay, and I hope your butt (and ankle) gets well soon!

Ruby said...

I'm glad he's okay. Do you think you should go to the doctor...just to be sure you're okay?

I hope you feel better soon!

kate said...

I'm glad he is fine! I have had similar is so very very scary :(