Monday, December 10, 2007

On the 10th day of Christmas

I couldn't help myself. I have Christmas on the brain. Decorations and presents and food and my family. It's different this year. The psychologists call it integration...making peace with the way life is and creating rituals to incorporate the bad things in a positive way. Yeah. Whatever. If it means shopping, I'm there. So I dropped Sam off at school last Thursday morning and took a sleeping Myles to do some Christmas shopping. He slept and I spent way too much money. It was great!

I bought Sam a t-shirt that says, "My brother is the naughty one." I hope he likes it. (It's sure to make a better memory than the, "I'm gonna be a big brother" t-shirt of a couple years ago.)

I bought Myles a couple little rattles for his stocking (what do you think of those little slipper rattles? torture? or fun for baby?). I don't plan to wrap any gifts for him under the tree this year...unless I think of a good one (have I mentioned I love to shop?).

I bought a wreath for the cemetery. Now I just have to decorate it and get it out there. I haven't been so good about getting up there lately. I've got a lot of feelings on that subject, but I'm just going to avoid them for now.

I found some unopened boxes of Christmas/Holiday cards in our desk that I could send out (which sounds like so much work). But thanks to Sherry, I have THE BEST birth announcements (who wants one?) that I can't wait to send. Would it be lame to skip the Christmas cards completely this year?

Now I have a few more presents to buy and I'll be done, done, done. Thank heaven for online ordering. Let's see...still left to shop, dad, brother, Steve. Wait a minute! What am I doing feeling relaxed? I should be freaking out right about now!

We decorated the front of our house a bit this year at Sam's insistence. I think it needs more. Steve thinks enough is enough. Of course, that was before I could help. Now I'm ready to roll so I may just have to add to the display. Maybe a lighted reindeer sculpture or two?

(Yes, that is Steve striking the Captain Morgan's pose...such a lovable dork he is.)

Speaking of the lovable dork...I have NO idea what to get him for Christmas. And he is being entirely unhelpful saying things like, "You've already given me the best present ever." I know it's sweet...but it's kinda annoying at the same time.

Sam shopped at his school's "Santa shop" today. The inner workings of the five-year-old mind a word...interesting. I know they say it's the thought that counts. I'm just not sure what that thought was (and not sure I WANT to know). I know there will be at least one chuckle at that's something to look forward to.

I was just looking through a Figis catalog and suddenly miss my grandma and her Christmas traditions.

I wasn't able to attend the Ladies of the Court Holiday party...and I will miss my office's Christmas party. But tomorrow evening I have the American Business Women's Association Chapter Christmas party. I was looking forward to it. But I just realized I do not have my gift for my secret pal...I do not have my ornament for the ornament exchange...I do not have my white elephant stuff together for the fundraiser auction. What are the holidays without stress?

Speaking of stress...what is it about Christmas that makes me want to do messy craft activities with Sam? and baking? what is with the urge to bake?


Aurelia said...

Okay, you know that new mommies who have just had c-sections get a pass on doing stuff.

You are making me exhausted just think about this.

Sarah said...

Inquiring minds want to know, where did you get the "my brother is the naughty one" t-shirt? ;)

Everyone Has a Story... said...

I would love a birth annoucement...have been following your story for a couple of years now (totally addicted) wierd I know...but it happens!

The Nanny said...

I want a birth announcement!!! :-)

(But I'll settle for a picture of it on your blog!)

Sherry said...

OMGosh - Steve doin' the Captain pose is priceless! =D