Thursday, November 01, 2007

The road to super-mommyhood

So...yeah...the coffee can...

I forgot it was in the van this morning until I got to work (after dropping Sam off at school).

There was a moment when I considered just pretending I didn't see it and continuing on my merry way into work.

But then I imagined my son's face in class when everyone else brought out their coffee cans to work with. that moment I chose to continue limping down the path to super-mommyhood.

I turned around and drove BACK to the school and dropped off the damn coffee can.

I may never achieve super-mommy status...but I'm damn sure not going to give up this soon.


Julia said...

Hm, maybe I should get you that super-mommy cape. I think you would look dashing in it.

BTW, our teachers ask for things to be brought not on the day needed but a few days ahead, so that if you forget, there is a chance to fix it before the thing is needed. Sorry your teacher is such a ...

Shinny said...

Too bad you couldn't smack that goofy teacher with the can. ;) Hope things are a bit better today for you.

Ruby said...

You rock super-mommy.

While reading the above comment my minds eye actually SAW you smack that goofy teacher...with your cape enjoyed it too;)

Mary-Lou said...

Hi catherine

Thanks so much for leaving a post on my blog. I'm so sorry that you have suffered the loss of two babies. You're so brave for trying for another, and all the best for the up and coming due date of your new little one.

I hope my blog didn't come across that I was slating this lady for what she said. I have read her book and in general I found it very useful. But like you say, advice is never one size fits all and if that's her coping mechanism, then of course she has to do what she feels is right for her. Every experience is different.

Mary-Lou (from After Amy Died blog)