Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My day so far...

Woke up.
Felt Myles move.
Bought donuts.
Came to work.
Got irritated by client request(s).
Ate donuts.
Didn't feel baby Myles move.
Freaked out.
Went home and got doppler.
Felt baby Myles move.
Came back to work.
Tried to appease client(s).
Walked down to Hardees for lunch.
Laughed with big burly contractor at his "The Saints Go Marching In" ringtone.
Discovered a double cheeseburger, instead of the single I paid for, in my to-go bag.

How's your day been?

(Should I add a category of posts? Something like "f***ed-up mental state" maybe?)


Stephanie said...

I think a new category of posts might be kind of fun ;)

I'm glad you ran home and got the doppler.

Excellent news on the cheeseburger. All I got was a freaking salad with a skimpy amount of dressing...where the hell's my cheeseburger!?!? lol

Thinking about you...

kate said...

Good new category LOL. Hey, as long as you post *something* so that we know all is relatively ok...

Beruriah said...
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Beruriah said...

My day sounds fairly similar to yours, putting in pumpkin seeds and cashews for the donuts, and some soup and casserole for the Hardees. I'm a salt freak, not a sweets person.

Can't wait until our happier endings.

Shinny said...

I think we all could add that as a category to our blogs. ;)
Glad that Myles cooperated. I find if I lean back in my chair and put my belly up against my desk, it makes Piglet move. She doesn't like any outside pressure. Might be worth a try with Myles.

vixanne wigg said...

I think the doppler was a better invention than chocolate.

And I really like chocolate.

Monica said...

I know that feeling well and Andy always moved right when I was getting ready to go to the ER. What a stinker! Thinking of you and baby Miles. BTW, you get the mommy award for going back and dropping off the coffee can.