Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One week...and some thank yous

Myles is one week old today. My God, I can't even believe our lives have been blessed by this little creature we (Sam and I...we're still working on Steve) have affectionately nicknamed the Squeaker because he makes the most adorable squeaky noises when he wants attention. Every minute that passes brings more peace to this house. There are still adjustments to be made, but I think they are going about as well as they can.

Myles weighed in at the doctor today at 6lbs 12.5ozs. The doctor confirmed our suspicions that something "isn't right" about the hospital's claim that Myles lost over a pound since birth (it was actually overnight, but I guess they didn't think I was paying that much attention). "Babies that lose that much just don't look as good as he does...you expect them to be...floppy...sickly." In my rather frazzled state at the hospital, I do remember one nurse telling us that it could POSSIBLY have something to do with the fact that there was a difference in the scales used to weigh him (one in delivery and one in special care). Who knows what the real story is. I'm just glad that (1) it's not as bad as the hospital staff made it out to be; (2) it's not all the fault of my breasts failing to produce enough; and (3) he hasn't lost any more since we've been home. Now we just need to get him to gain a little bit. I know breastfed babies gain at a slower rate than formula fed babies, so I'm not too stressed (particularly since we're temporarily supplementing with high calorie formula for preemies). But it still is something to worry about. We go back on Friday for a weight check.
Now for the thank you's...

We have some amazingly kind and generous people in our lives. Some of them have been with us forever. Some of them were brought into our lives as a result of pain and heartbreak. It is our pleasure to share this happy stretch with every one of them.
Thank you Mom for the beautiful roses and for bringing us turkey...twice.

But most of all, thank you and Dad for taking such good care of Sam last week. He had a great time...and he loves his Spiderman boots.
Thank you to Kate for the adorable Gymboree outfit. I'd post a pic, but it's in the wash as we speak. Oh...wait! You can find anything on ebay! It looks like this (with matching hat and corduroys...soooo cute!)...

And thank you for the snake in a can for Sam. His laugh just makes me laugh every single time. Steve has reserved the disappearing ink squirter for warmer weather use outdoors (party pooper that he is).
Thank you to M, H, S and L for the wonderful gifts for Myles...

...and Sam (now I get to ask HIM 300 questions...I LOVE it!)...

Thank you Cynthia for the beautiful flower/gift arrangement! It came with an adorable hooded bath towel/washcloth set, neck wings for the carseat, and a little teddy bear.

Thank you to Rachel for these adorable outfits and the lovely card. I love you, my friend...and we have no worries or issues between us.



Everyone Has a Story... said...

So glad that you are enjoying this time with you family, of anybody, YOU DESERVE IT!

So happy for you!
Stranger Friend, Kim

pipsylou said...

There is just something so wonderful about coming to your blog and reading all about your new life with Myles, Sam and Steve.

I love you Catherine!

Jess said...

I've been following your blog for a couple years now and I just want to tell you and your family congratulations. Myles is just beautiful.