Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I told you she was full of it

So I can't drive for two weeks and Steve has to do kindergarten drop-off and pick-up.

Wanna guess how it went yesterday?

Drop-off...he walked Sam into school and left him standing in the hall outside his classroom. Something we were specifically told was a no-no...all children are to wait in the gym. Did anyone scold him?

Pick-up...he went to the gym and Sam wasn't there. An unidentified woman approached him and asked him if he was there to pick someone up. He said he was there for his son, Sam, a kindergarten student. The lady told him to check in Sam's classroom. And he found Sam WAITING IN THE CLASSROOM for him.



After all that grief over waiting IN.THE.FREAKING.GYM.

AND Steve was told that the pick-up time has been moved up to try to get the kids out of school before the buses arrive for the bus-riding students. Apparently they are trying out a "new system."


Without telling anyone.

I swear this school is TRYING to make me crazy.


Beruriah said...

this would be comical were it not so annoying. I'm sorry but I must admit I'm smirking.

Julia said...

Oh, man. Completely worthy of a WTF? Incredibly freaking annoying.