Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank you!

My dear friend, Shinny, sent me this, along with a note to Myles.

Thank you Shinny! I'm working on something special for you. I hope to have it done (and actually shipped) before baby girl arrives.

My other dear friend, Cynthia, sent me a dozen candy roses (I haven't unwrapped one yet...they MIGHT be chocolate), with a lovely note letting me know that she's with me to the end.

It's so strange how the smallest things can make you smile and cry at the same time. I NEVER imagined I would find the kind of friends I have along this journey. Where there was nothing but darkness there is love and happiness and friendship. Thank you for the gifts...but more importantly...thank you for being my support.


Shinny said...

Glad the package made it to you. From the list you posted you had sleeping clothes for the boy but no going out on the town clothes so I couldn't resist that tiny pair of jeans when I was in the baby section. Just hope he isn't too big of a baby and won't fit. ;)
I can't believe he is going to be here in a month! I wish I was closer so I could be of some help to you when you bring him home. Plus then I could give him a squeeze too. ;) Glad the doctor appointments are still going well, other then the dumb questions from the nurses.

Beruriah said...

What a cute little outfit.

Should I be embarrassed to admit I don't know what the spongy teddy bear looking thing is?

Shinny said...

It is for in the tub or sink when Myles is tiny. They are so slippery when they are little and those sponges kind of stick them in one spot. Best way I can think to explain it.

Those little socks are SO FREAKIN' soft. I almost couldn't part with them. ;)

charmedgirl said...

doesn't it suck that you have to find out who your real friends are at the worst times? but ohhhhhh... the ones that stick around are THE BEST.

continued good wishes!!!