Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do you really want to see me cry?

You know what you shouldn't encounter just before having your blood pressure taken and submitting to a non-stress test?


Ah-ha! Okie dokie!

So then, dear nurse, you should not look at me with your darn chipper smile (while I'm hefting my fat ass onto the scale) and ask, "So why are we doing these non-stress tests for you?"**
It also occurs to me that there is something "wrong" about laying on an exam table, strapped to a fetal heart monitor, trying to pay attention to the movements of the living baby inside your belly...while explaining your dead baby history to your nurse.
I appreciate the fact that everyone assumes that pregnancy and babies are a happy topic. I really do.

And I appreciate that my son's soccer coach was making polite chit-chat with us. I really do.

I am just SO glad she coyly suggested that we will "need a girl next" at this time in my life. Because if it had been a couple months ago, I probably would have burst into tears on her and made her feel really bad.
"When is the baby due?"

"Well...December 22nd, but we're planning a c/s for November 25th."

"Oh really? That's awfully early. Any reason?"

(Thinking to myself: No, we just threw a dart at a calendar and that's what we came up with. For God's sake, nurse, read my freaking chart!)

"I grow big babies and we're hoping to avoid any more freak infections like those that killed my last two babies."


(Thinking to myself: So glad you approve.)
"When is the baby due?"

"November 25th," I lied.

I just didn't want to explain.
My explanation to opposing counsel...
"Well, I have a c-section planned for November 25th, and I won't be back before the first of the new year, no matter what, so we'll have to schedule for sometime after that."

No matter what? My brain is permanently warped.
Sam: "I hope Baby Myles doesn't have breathing problems like me."

(Thinking to myself: As long as he's breathing.)
***Everything is good. Hemoglobin A1C = 5.3 (anything less than 6 is good). Weight = no way would I share that publicly. Baby Myles decided to take our non-stress test time as an opportunity to flip over. Freaky. That's the only way I can describe it. Next appointment Tuesday, October 30th.


Aurelia said...

So why don't they read the effing charts anyway? Sigh...make things easier for everyone.

charmedgirl said...

don't you just wish you could fast-forward to nov 25th??? ugh!

THANK YOU...thank you so much for your comment. the nurse also got pretty upset that the dr said that to me. i appreciate what you said.

Monica said...

Someone... don't remember who wrote something similar on her blog. She is also in a pregnancy after a loss and gets asked the same thing. Someone suggested that we have buttons made that say, "my last baby(ies) died so don't ask me stupid questions." I also just told people my induction date as my due date because when people asked when I was due and I told them Oct. 12 but I was being induced on the Oct. 1st they ALWAYS asked why. So I just said I was due on the first. Glad Myles is doing well..

Sarah said...

I loved the comments from people when it came up that i was delivering 4 weeks early... "Wow... that's REALLY early!"... "Why would you need to do that?" Sigh... I never really learned my lesson and too often kept telling people I was due in November, but was delivering 4 weeks early...

And I would like to know why all medical ultrasound techs and nurses seem to feel the need to question why we are doing 'non-standard' procedures.. is it really that unusual to be doing extra monitoring to prevent another 'tragedy'?

Glad to hear all of your tests went well even if some of the questions were so inappropriate.

niobe said...

People = idiots.

I guess we'd all be a lot happier if we stopped expecting anything else. At least we'd be happily surprised every once in awhile by actual non-stupid comments.

kate said...

OK, these idiotic questions from medical staff are getting out of hand. I likw Wabi's suggestion in beruriah's comments -- we should all wear special buttons or t-shirts when we go see the doctor. I submit: "Read my f-ing chart!"

sarahbobeara said...

these are nurses & staff at a high-risk OB/GYN, right? you'd think they'd learn to a)not make silly small talk and b)read the chart!!

and my nst were always in a recliner, ahhhh :) i remember having to do one with baby #3 and having #1 and #2 in the room with me. i was so busy dealing with them that the monitor kept moving off the baby. so it took almost a full hour to get a decent-looking strip. oops.

big hugs for you, kate. didn't know people were that annoying til now did you? ;)

Julia said...

What is it with the clueless medical "professionals" lately?
I am soooo down with the buttons/t-shirts/placards idea. Uggggh!

Rosepetal said...

Catherine, I'm so glad everything is still going well. Thinking of you very often.

dbm/gaa said...

"As long as he's breathing." We said that a lot too. I'm so happy to see that things are going well, we think of you folks often.