Sunday, October 07, 2007

Half a leap of faith

We went shopping.

Infant carrier - check
Stroller - check
Baby's First Christmas outfit - check
Bouncy seat - check
Swing -check
Cute little blue argyle sleep sac - check
Sleep positioner - check
Baby bath sponges - check
Cute little onesie that says, "Mommy's wakeup call" - check
Waterproof changing pads - check
White long-sleeve onesies - check
Cloth diapers for burp cloths - check

Nothing is to be removed from boxes or un-tagged.

But it's here.
In our house.

With all this hope floating around I feel slightly nauseous.


Aurelia said...

Good for you!

Take some pictures and post them. Let us know what colors and what kind of stuff you have.

Julia said...

Very very impressive.

sarahbobeara said...

i wish i was there to see it all and to take a big deep breath with you.

about 6 weeks to go???

Julie said...

I'm very very proud of you! (((hugs)))

kate said...

Wow, i'm impressed! I agree with Aurelia about the colors...

Brenda said...

I dont know how your doing it. Though I guess it does have to be done. I feel sick for you.


Shinny said...

You didn't leave much for anyone else to get for you. :( Are you registered somewhere?