Friday, October 05, 2007

Some things are normal

I haven't been to a high school football game in 17 years! YEARS, people! SEVENTEEN of them!

So what is drawing me in after all this time? My son, of course. He wants to see a real football game. And since I did such a crappy job getting him to a real baseball game this year (and it is too late and therefore too expensive to go now), I think this is a decent deal.

Of course, this old pregnant lady ain't actually been yet...ask me how I feel about the deal in a few hours after my ass is numb from sitting on a bleacher seat and I am partially deaf from the guy next to me yelling and...

Why am I doing this again? son. This should be fun. Right?

It WAS so much fun! The man and woman sitting next to us were very nice and kept us updated on the Cleveland Indians playoff game (the man had a radio earphone in his ear). We ate pepperoni rolls and hot dogs and french fries...and I came home with the worst heartburn that was SO worth it. AND...we WON! Sam is convinced the team listened to him when he yelled, "Get him," or, "Defense," or, "Go (team)!" He's so stinkin' cute, I just can't tell you.

Steve and I shared one haunted moment when a woman sitting a few rows down from us removed a VERY TINY baby from an infant carrier. But we didn't let it ruin it...we stayed in the moment and kept it fun...and happy.

I will be sitting in my cushioned recliner today...with my feet up...nursing some interesting after-effects of sitting on the hard bleachers for a few hours (if we go again, I will definitely be taking a seat cushion to sit on). But even with all that, it was SO worth it to be normal for a while. Where nobody knew us and our "story."

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