Friday, April 13, 2007

My thoughts on Don Imus

Don Imus has a First Amendment right to stand on a street corner and say whatever he wants.

Don Imus does NOT have a First Amendment right to use public airwaves to broadcast his trash.

Ha! I DID learn something in Constitutional Law even if I didn't enjoy law school!


DD said...

He could get a blog and extend his verbal diarrhea into the written word. He would get the same amount of attention I gave his radio programs - zilch.

kate said...

I have seen him on tv a few times at the MIL's and it is clear the guy is just a trash-talking idiot. I don't really understand why anyone would actually listen to him at all. I find the fact that he finally said something that was apparently *too* offensive simply's kind of like being offended by Howard Stern. I mean, why bother?