Thursday, March 15, 2007

New house?


I tried to burn it down.

Accidentally, of course!

Started cooking hamburgers on the stovetop and got distracted upstairs while organizing bills. Plum forgot until the dogs started acting weird and I smelled something funny. How I got downstairs without killing myself is a mystery to me...thankfully the contractors installed the handrail a couple days ago. I moved faster than I ever have.

I have now turned off the heat and opened the windows to get rid of the smell. And I've turned off the stovetop. I think I may have to sacrifice the frying pan. I am telling you...I need a keeper. And I think I'll have cereal for dinner.


Stephanie said...

I had to laugh at this....soooo something I would be guilty of! Sorry about the burgers but I hope the cereal was tasty...and...who can't do with a new frying pan? :)

GLouise said...

catherine! LOL. Hope everything is ok.

You're not alone, yesterday I turned down a one way street in downtown traffic. Lovely!

Brenda said...

Hey there

Glad your ok and you didn't burn the house down with you in it!

Oh and I LOVE cereal for dinner!!!!!