Let's look at pretty flowers

We had a three day thaw that brought 60+ degree temperatures and my first flowers (snowdrops). The giant snow piles melted and we were able to have the construction trailer removed from the front lawn and the construction dumpster removed from the driveway (yee-haw!). Despite the fact that there is a fresh layer of snow on the ground this morning, my thoughts have turned to spring planting. I have no specific color "theme" in mind...I just like pretty pretty flowers.

I want these...Who Dun It Dahlias. I have never grown Dahlias, but I always see such pretty ones at the county fairs around here...so they must do well in our zone.

I also need to add more bulbs to my tulip gardens. After five years, they're looking kind of sparse. I'm torn about what variety/color to go with. I have typically planted the standard tulip in red, pink, or yellow. I tried purple tulips in a second bed, but they were either eaten by voles or destroyed by the crazy snow plow guy. I am partial to the ruffled tulips, but never seem to actually BUY and PLANT any of this variety. I'm eyeing the Angelique for this year. But then, the non-ruffled white Purissima Jumbo is pretty too. Decisions, decisions...

And then, we must talk roses. It is a tradition to add at least one new rose bush to the rose collection each year. Whether the new rose actually GROWS or not is always an adventure...but I at least TRY a new one each year. Some years there are hand-me-downs from other established roses (friends and family). Some years there are expensive roses from catalogs. Some years there are the $4 specials at TSC or Walmart (which are surprisingly hardy and can even survive the mad mower's attempts to whack the snot out of them). No matter what I try, however, I have been unsuccessful in all attempts to grow a purple rose. I did, in fact, get the purple rose from Jackson & Perkins to grow...and it turned out to be a rather sunny yellow/orange/red combination (quite pretty...but on the other end of the spectrum from purple). So I think I may try ONE MORE time before I give up. This Royal Amethyst is just too tempting to pass up. And this time, if it doesn't grow, I AM calling to complain and get my money back (I did that with some plants last fall and the company sent me out replacements...I was quite pleased with the customer service).

Last, but certainly not least, I simply MUST add this Olivia Oriental Lily to my newly created collection. I never really thought much of oriental lilies before. But I planted some in bloom last year and they were simply heavenly...the scent just went on for ages. And they are so delicate and beautiful that they fill up the space where I would love to grow Iris but seem unable to. LOVE them!

hmmm...a lot of purple and white...I think I need to find some other colors to mix in there...


Maartje said…
Oooh, flowers! I don't have any in my garden just yet, but I do have a bunch of bulbs poking (crocuses, tulips and daffodils).

My favorite tulip from last year was this one:
They lasted forever and the petals were really graceful and outward sweeping.

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for dahlias, as they were part of my wedding bouquet.
JMB said…
I'm with you on the oriental lilies. I've got a pair of deep orange ones that are absolutely amazing. My husband insists on having me cut some to have on his desk at work.

I have a lot of purple and white too, so I have added more of the bluish purples (giant nepate, campanula, etc.) and pinks (day lilies, etc.) to help balance it out.

Crap, now I'm having an urge to actually order all the circled things in my White Flower Farms catalog!!!
chaos_girl said…
Oooh, that lily is gorgeous! What type of zone are you in to grow them? I'm out in the barren heat- I think zone 9? Think sun, sun, sun all of the time! Think they'd grow here?
Stephanie said…
How beautiful. I wish you could come here and help me find a way to make my garden grow...no matter what I do I can't grow a flower....I have no idea what I do wrong other than live in central FL!
Patience said…
I wish I enjoyed gardening - those flowers are just stunning!

The oriental lily is my absolute favourite, I had them in my wedding bouquet and also on Piper & Laine's tiny coffin - they are just so beautiful, and that scent is just divine! x

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