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Favorite recipe to serve when you have company? Anyone?


Sherri said…
pork tenderloin with lemon-parsley rice - super simple, served with fluffy warm dinner rolls. the longest part is waiting for the rice to cook. i like it because it always turns out tender and juicy, the pork never dries out like it does when i try to make pork chops.
I buy a pork tenderloin and slice it into pieces about 3/4" thick, then lay them flat on the broiling pan and drizzle with melted butter and dried tarragon and thyme. then put under the broiler for about 6-7 minutes, until that side looks done. then flip each piece over and it only takes a few minutes to finish cooking. I make rice "normally," then add butter, salt, a few tablespoons or more of lemon juice, and parsley.
DD said…
My choice would be tacos (fish, beef, chix) because it's casual and everyone can make them the way the want.

Husband actually prefers to grill steaks.
Sherri said…
oops, i almost forgot - at the very end when the pork is done, pour a little honey over each piece and put the pan back under the broiler just for a minute to caramelize the sugar - yum
Jessie said…
For the company that is more like family, we order pizza. Very easy, very laid back. And as a bonus, it goes great with wine AND beer!

For new people?


Oh so yummy and Oh so easy.
pipsylou said…
chicken divan. chicken, broccoli florets, velvetta cheese, salt, pepper, cream of mushroom soup. we always eat it ALL. i am too lazy to give the measurements.
MB said…
Jim will usually grill steaks or, we'll do a London broil with this yummy rice dish that is baked in the oven. I don't remember the recipe exactly, but you take 2 onions and sautee in 1 whole stick of butter, then, you add 2 cans of beef broth and 2 cups of rice;bring to a boil. You tranfer to a casserole dish and bake for 35-40 minutes. Ohhh, it's so yummy. Everyone always tells me how good it is and I always say that anything with a whole stick of butter HAS to be good.

If you want to make it, let me know, I'll send you the recipe, I may have some of the measurements wrong.

Laura said…
This is one of our very, very favorites. It's awesome!

Italian Pot Roast
2 T Olive Oil
1 (3-4#)chuck roast
4 minced garlic cloves
1 C dry red wine
1 C beef broth
2-6oz cans tomato paste
1-15oz can tomato sauce
1 t salt
1 t sugar
1 t dried basil
1 t hot sauce
12 oz Linguine
1/2 c parmesan

Brown roast in oil in large pan. Remove roast and add onion and garlic to oil and cook, stirring constantly until onion is tender. Place roast in slow cooker, add onion and garlic and next 7 ingredients. Cook on low until roast is tender, 8-10 hours.
Serve roast and sauce over the linguine and sprinkle with parmesan. Yum!!! And it tastes fancy enough for company.

Michelle--I found that baked rice recipe in an old church cookbook and I've been dying to try it. In fact, I've got in on our menu this week. I'm glad to hear that it's as good as I thought it was gonna be :)
Renae said…
appetizers - crescent roll pinwheels with rosemary and cream cheese

if kids are involved - homemade pizza - they can help and have a blast

for mainly adults - rosemary chicken - justuse skinless boneless breast and sprinkle with pampered chef rosemary mix (or your own mix) and garlic salt; cover and bake for 30-45 minutes - serve with green beans and whole grain brown rice - (cook the rice in chicken broth instead of water) - crap my mouth is watering now!

A few months ago, Hubs and I were bored with our dinners so I asked all my girlfriends for ideas - got a ton of recipes and could send to you if you'd like.

Treggles said…
"Chocolate block"

1. Take a large bar of good quality chocolate.
2. Unwrap.
3. Eat.
kate said…
For an easy dinner party with meat-loving adults, fondue bourguignonne (beef fondue) with nice condiments/dipping sauces and alot of red wine. Yeah, you need a fondue pot but they are good for entertaining anyway. You can always be vegetarian & do cheese fondue too, which we do alot and is good fun...but doesn't have the, um, indulgent feeling of hunks of meat quick-cooked in oil LOL

Also homemade pizzas are alot of fun for a casual party.
lauralu said…
ha ha, treggles - a true classic.

for a sitdown dinner, i like to do stuffed shells. i cream the ricotta with broccoli and (secret inredients!) gorgonzola and walnuts for the filling. for the sauce, i squish a can of whole tomatoes between my fingers (a fun job for sam if you're brave enough), saute a couple of cloves of pressed garlic in some olive oil, add the tomatoes, s&p, a tiny pinch of sugar and (secret ingredient!) the zest of an orange - it freshens it up and balances the richness of the filling. i fill the cooked shells, lay them out in a big flat casserole, spoon the sauce over, grate some parmesan or romano or whatever hard smelly cheese i have on hand, and then put it in the over for a few minutes. it looks pretty and festive and doesn't leave non-vegetarians feeling too shortchanged. i supposed one could grill some nice italian sausages to have with it for a carnivore meal, or it could be the prima course with grilled chicken or fish for the second.

so are you having fancy company? ooo! fun!

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