Monday, March 12, 2007

help my ears

I have an MP3 player in my LG cell phone. I have the earphones that came with it, but they hurt my ears. There seem to be a zillion different choices for earphones these days. Can anyone suggest some comfortable ones? I need my tunes, but my ears cannot suffer anymore.


MB said...

My mom, dad and dh have all gotten some from Bose. Dh got the ear buds and says they are great. Mom & dad both have the noise cancelling headphones and they love them, but they are not at small and easy to carry...

Kelli said...

My earbuds hurt my ears too and I got these and love them. No pain at all and the sound is excellent.

Philips Ear Bud Headphones
Model: SHE9500

Brenda said...

All earphones hurt my ears. Sorry no help from me!

Hope you find a pair that work for you soon though. I understand the needing music bit!


Treggles said...

Sony's MDR-EX71. Amazing sound quality, and three interchangable rubber bits so you can make them fit perfectly.

I love 'em.

Renae said...

I got new ones for my LG phone - but they won't plug in! Don't buy something expensive expecting it to automatically work with the phone. I covered the ones that came with my phone with the foamy things that came with a different pair and it works for now. The phone people said my only other option was a Bluetooth device - I refuse to look like a Star Trek character though! :)