Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm a knitter!

I have completed one scarf and started another. Nothing spectacular. But I'm learning how to use knitting needles without hurting myself or tying my hands into that's something.

And just look how happy Sam is...that's something too.
This one will be for me. I got Paton's Divine on sale at AC Moore yesterday. I just love the color and think it will go with my winter coat pretty well. Plus it's so soft, it's pet-able.


Anonymous said...

Sam looks adorable in that pic!

Anonymous said...

very very pretty!

delphi said...

My knitting journey - two years worth of scarves. Then on to blankets (2 years). Recently made my first sweater. I think that your timeline will be much quicker than mine!

I still haven't tried anything like a sock or mitten or cap... I know I can handle straight lines...

Your scarf DOES look very pettable.