Monday, November 20, 2006

Miscellaneous Thoughts

The bank called. I forgot to pay the mortgage this month. I feel like a chastised child. Really. Like I committed some sort of crime. Life happens folks. Paying bills isn't necessarily the most important thing going on. You're just gonna have to deal with that.
An actual sign outside a hotel in town:

God Bless America
Free high speed DSL

Steve and I both laughed and laughed.
Memorable quotes from this weekend:

Sam, as he was readying himself to drop his drawers, "Prepare to be amazed."
(I think a lesson in context is necessary sooner rather than later)

Me, as we approach WalMart, "I'm as f***ing ready for Christmas as I'll ever be."
(Real nice, huh?)
My email to customer service:

Back in August, I ordered and received a tub/shower faucet. My contractor cannot use it in my home addition because it is not anti-scald. Can I return it? If so, what mailing address do I ship it to?
Keep smilin'

Customer service reponse:


Im sorry, Return and/or exchange of merchandise must take place within 7 days of receipt of product.

My return email:

I understand that is your standard policy. However, it is in an unopened box (still even has the plastic seal on the outside) and I would think that you wouldn't have sold me something that didn't comply with building regulations. Yet, you did. I would expect you to accept return of a part that is, in essence, useless under state law.


Who do you think will win this little test of wills? Place your bets.
Feeling confident walking out of settlement talks at the courthouse...

Turn around...

Practically smack into the teeniest tiniest beautifullest baby you have ever seen...

Reduced to tears...

Have to run back to the office to cry.
Speaking of court...

Elderly woman lives with her son. He doesn't care for her...leaves feces in her bed, etc. He interferes with care providers...vandalizes their vehicles, steals money from them, verbally assaults them. Two weeks ago, the elderly woman fell and had to push the panic button for an emergency responder...while the son slept in the next room.

We petitioned to have her admitted to a nursing home.

No brainer, right?

According to our judge...Wrong.

She's competent so let's leave her there. It would be too hard on her emotionally to have to leave.

Sometimes I just want to give up.
Where I take a potshot at my husband publicly...

Steve...who left a hole in our pasture fence for over a year...who did not help me at all with tiling the bathroom floor because he had a headache...who broke the porch window and left it broken and held in with duct tape for at least a couple of years...that unhappy with the rate of progress on our house. I'm having trouble understanding his double standard.

I'm sure he will have some reasonable rebuttal, like they're getting paid and he isn't, blah, blah, blah. And secretly, I don't disagree with his assessment too much. But I'm so tired of listening to the bitching and moaning about it all.

Aren't I the one that is supposed to be unhappy with the utter disaster my house is currently? And haven't I been accommodating and calm through this whole process...even when my ceiling was caving in? So what gives? Who told him he's allowed to be unhappy? He's a guy...he's not supposed to care about this stuff. I mean really...I sucked it should he. :o)
And then Steve redeemed himself by this email exchange...

Me: This guy emailed again about Rosie Posie.

What do you want to do? It's up to you. But I have to put in my opinion and say that I wouldn't mind keeping her...and I know Rory
(our black lab mix who missed Rosie all day when she was out at an adoption event and stood by the window and door waiting for her to return) and Sam feel the same way.

Love you.

Steve: I can't break a four year old's heart, let alone a thrity four year old's heart so she can stay :) I think that once the house is done you will need to work on socializing her with the rest of the dogs to the point where she can just hang with them in peace.

Love you.

See why I love that guy?

***It is important to note that Rosie has been with us for a full year and we have only had a small handful (four) inquiries on her. So we have grown rather attached while waiting. And by all rights she deserves to call our place home (and us her family) after all that time without anyone else to love her.***
I finally gave the contractor permission to go out and buy whatever he needs to complete my bathroom tile. I have no idea what I'm buying. Me in a hardware/home improvement store...It's like sending a man into a knitting store.
I have not been invited to join Blogger Beta. Why? Because I talk too much. Apparently, having too many posts and/or comments disqualifies you from this initial phase of things. I love it!


R said...

Yes, I see. You've got a keeper, Catherine. I can tell even by the way you guys correspond that there's lots of mutual respect there, even though you inevitably piss each other off quiet often. :) That's me and Scott, too. We got in an argument last night because he didn't grab my hand and instead glared at me because I was apparently walking too slowly in the middle of the road on the way to church. I got mad at him, then got over it. Then we laughed. Ah, life.

One Mother's Journey said...

I can't handle thinking about how animals must feel being shuffled from one home to the next. I just can't imagine. I'm so glad you're keeping Rosie...ummm and Steve. :)

One Mother's Journey said...

No frickin way about the blogger beta thing... I wondered if I hadn't been invited because I don't post often enough. LOL It's like the anti-popularity contest.

Asshats. All of them.

The other day I went to post and I had to do the word verification thing to even post an entry. Apparently my blog showed "characterists" of a spam blog. A spam blog. I guess spam blogs talk about dead babies and defunct uteruses. Good to know.

JMB said...

Oh, I'm so happy that you're keeping the dog!! (oh, and Steve too...). Rosie is one lucky puppy (and so is the double-standard holding, not fixing the window, now he get's cranky?! husband!) You do a lot of good things you know.

Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

So, Rosie is officially home? WOOHOO!! Congratulations :)

I about love your emails about the faucet - fingers crossed they do right by their customers.

That is so freaking sad for that old woman :(

Anonymous said...

You talk too much! LOL -- keep talking..

Congrats on keeping Rosie!