Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I can't show you any cool Halloween pictures of us carving pumpkins this year because I'm a loser mom and we haven't actually carved our pumpkins for this year.

We spent three hours priming the walls upstairs last night and we came to a few conclusions.
~All primer is not created equal.
~Beware the wrath of a four-year-old with a paint roller.
~Three hours of painting leads to very sound sleep.
~Advil is a necessity of life.
~As tempting as it is, we can not leave everything covered in primer white...we must paint with color or our upstairs will look like an asylum.
~Wood and laminate floors are nice looking...but we may need some carpet in order to reduce the echo effect going on up there.

While bringing horses in from the pasture last night I was able to see the house all lit up on the inside. I must admit that it looks warm and inviting. But it definitely needs another kid in it. I'm not being greedy...one would be enough.


JMB said...

Nope, not greedy at all. Just being human.

Don't worry, I also joined the loser mom club. The pumpkin that should have been carved is still sitting on the table in my office at work.

When do we get to see more pics? You might also want to hold off on the carpet discussion until you get furniture and any area rugs down. It makes a huge difference.

Hedda said...

I've been so busy I've been missing from blog world. I had no idea you were going through the adoption journey. Good luck.

I applaud you for taking little steps to "move on" with your life. I know how hard it is. I'm another shoulder if you need one.

MB said...

You guys CARVE your pumpkins? Gracie doesn't even know that's possible because this bad mommy hasn't done it EVER.

Wanna have a who sucks more contest?

Need pictures of the lit up house!!

Jill said...

We painted a skull on a piece of black cardboard but it was more effort than ANYONE else went to around here:) Most of the trick or treaters were opportunistic teenagers who were on their way somewhere else who happened to notice said skull. Oh well...

Dana said...

well, if it makes you feel any better, we didn't even BUY pumpkins this year. :: blushing ::

and you know a few wreaths on the windows would look pretty nice as well. < wink >

love ya!! : )

kate said...

I used carve pumpkins...last time we did was 3 years ago....once i even carved turnips and hung them in the tree in the front yard, like Martha Stewart -- that was the highlight of my Halloween decorating career. It was wicked, too.

At this point, i figure i am doing fine if a pumpkin exists on the porch...

Be sure to lightly sand wall before coating with real paint. Otherwise the globs will drive you MAD. That's what happened to me, anyway. Or that's the story i give out.

Holley said...

No pumpkins for us this year either. We'll just be lame parents together.

Even worse, Angie did not go trick or treating because 1. There was no trick or treating in our apartment complex at all. How lame is that? And 2. She was super tired and crabby and fell asleep on my lap at 7:00 p.m. Sigh. She doesn't like candy, she just loves to walk around in her costume and see the other kids in their costumes.

Maybe next year.

Your house does look great and you are not greedy at all. Any kid would be lucky to live in your cozy house with Sam, Steve, you and the menagerie.