Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Columbus Day!

I spent the day with my son...
-eating lunch at mcdonalds while sitting "on the tall chairs"
-shopping for house doors at home depot and lowe's while he hid in the maze of doors on display
-buying him a real toolbox for his toy tools
-shopping at wal-mart for jeans for him and him choosing his own style for the very first time
-stopping for a chocolate milk for him and a chocolate milkshake for me (and him telling me how he didn't want to sit in the car all day to drink it)
-him drinking his chocolate milk and half my chocolate milkshake
-shopping for laundry detergent and lysol at kmart and discussing the possibility of daddy killing me if I spent $10 on a trash can for the bathroom
-searching for quarters and having to buy some beads (oh the hardship) in order to get the change to ride the rides in the center of the mall

My favorite part...

Holding hands in the parking lot, telling him how I love spending days with him like this, "just you and me," and hearing him say, "I love days like this too...just you and me...mama llama."

There are a lot of ways this day could have been different. But it was good just the way it was.

That feels like a betrayal of some sort. But it wasn't. It was just us being happy together. In the spirit of the discovering happiness again.

I love you Sam-a-lama.


R said...

I love this post.

Renae said...

Crap! This was so sweet and now I'm crying. Wishing you many, many more days just like today.

Treggles said...

Sounds like a great day.

Dana said...

awww kate! that sounds like a perfect day. : )

SydneyDawn said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. I love having those types of days with my son too.

JMB said...

Sounds like a great day...I can't wait until I can have one like that with my son. There's a lot to say for just being happy in the moment. Happy to hear that you were able to have a whole day of moments.