Monday, October 09, 2006

Minor changes

Most of the home renovation updates lately have been boring little details that aren't really worthy of a photo post. But they tell me that siding and drywall are coming stay tuned for that. :o)

Jacuzzi tub installed

Sam's tub/shower installed


Insulation and baseboard heaters


delphi said...

Word to the wise? Make sure that the contractors don't toss garbage into the tubs... Tubs seem to be great places for tossing scrap pieces of lumber, drywall, etc. And when they do that, the tubs are usually scratched, dented and
ruined. A sign over the tub that says "Do not put garbage into the tub" usually does the trick.

Looking great!

Dana said...

:woohoo how exciting!!!!! i can't wait to come to visit. ;)

One Mother's Journey said...

I hope you enjoy your jacuzzi tub as much as I do mine - it's been a god send (whatever that means!).