Monday, August 21, 2006

I know they are MEDICAL professionals...

...but the way they treat people, as though they are nothing more than a set of symptoms and diagnoses, is so frustrating.

Can they not see that when they announce he can go home IF this and IF that, they are setting us up if the IF's don't work out right?

Can they not see that when they tell a little boy they have a playroom, that is it a cruel form of torture to then tell him he can't use it because the volunteer staff didn't bother to show up today and we are at their mercy?

Can they not see that 7:30am, when they waltz into the room, flip on the lights, and start talking at us, before we've even gained consciousness...before I've put my glasses on (not to mention before I've had any coffee)...that I am going to retain NOTHING?

Can they not see that trying to convince a four-year-old to eat is not going to happen when you stroll in and announce that he's going to have to stay here for two or three more days?

Can they not see that when they tell him he has to be hooked up to the IV "for a little while," that we parents are the ones left answering the, "is it done YET?" question a zillion times over the course of the TWO HOURS it actually takes? That we have to sit and deal with the, "This is taking FOREVER," temper tantrum that occurs during that time?

Does it matter at all when he starts crying when they say, "sorry kiddo, you get a double dose, that was only the first one, now is the second?" and they scurry from the room like rats from a sinking ship, leaving me as the one to take the, "Leave me alone," and the, "This isn't fair?"

How AM I supposed to handle it when my child is crying because all he wants to do is go play and you stand there talking to me about insurance and how he HAS to take the oral medication because insurance won't cover a five-day stay for just IV antibiotic treatment when there is an oral form available? What exactly would you like me to do?

They are supposed to be the medical professionals. The ones who deal with this stuff all the time. We are the ones in uncharted territory. This is about more than just the medicine. It's about a scared little boy and his scared parents who look to YOU for strength and advice. So maybe you could offer something more?

(And before I get blasted for an unfair opinion of the medical profession, I want to say that we have had some STELLAR doctors, nurses, and patient care assistants. And they have been noted by name in our personal journal and will receive special thank you's. But there are a few that are consistently bad. And there are some good ones that aren't always good. But I'm afraid the negative experiences leave a lasting negative impression because they make this harder than it already is.)


Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

Catherine, I know you are exhausted, and all 3 of you are so ready to go home - but do NOT tolerate that crap from the dr's, nurses, or anyone else up there!! TELL them - speak to me outside the room. Stop them mid sentence. Tell them to wait a moment while you get your glasses and wake up since they just barged in. Tell them to kiss your ass when they get rude! Oh, this just burns me up to hear of anyone in a profession like this treating patients in this manner. Push back onto them. Sam has no control over this whole crappy situation - food and his choice of when and what to eat are all he has right now. I don't blame him for trying to have some control. And tell Sam I puked up my medicine when I had surgery at the age of 16/17 years old and couldn't go home because of it :) Hang in there!


chaos_girl said...

Odd that looking at it from the opposite side of the spectrum- having had a senior citizen in the hospital (my Grandma) quite a bit this year- I can totally empathize with your feelings. Sadly, I believe that if there is no one there that can represent the patient, if the patient cannot represent themselves, that horrible things would and could happen in hospitals.

I'm so sorry about your little man. I hope he gets to come home soon.

Alli said...

Crap - I just wrote the longest comment that was eaten by blogger.

Saying a prayer for you and your son. That isn't any fun - I've been there.

Heather said...

Ugh. What a nightmare for you all. I agree, though. Let them know when they screw up. Hopefully you will all be home very soon. I am thinking of you guys.

Julie said...

Yeouch, this whole experience sounds absolutely misearble for your family. Not that it was going to be a trip to the spa, but, damn. I sincerely hope you can walk away from there unscathed, and soon.

Bronwyn said...

Sorry you're all having such a tough time. It sounds like you've met the staff from hell. Hope you all can escape soon... Get well soon, Sam!

Mel said...

I know first hand how horable hospital personel can be. I am sure its even worse when you are talking about dealing with a sick 4 yr old. I hope this is all over for all of you very soon. Sending all the hugs via internet that I can.

Hedda said...

The only bad experience I have had with hospitals was when Connor was born and the nursery couldn't tell me what was going on.

Other than that I've only dealt with teaching hospitals and I find them to be much better.

I'm sorry things sucked the past few days for you and Sam. At least you are home now.

Hugs to you all.

:) n said...

again, not everyone who has an RN license should be a nurse. it's a vocation, a calling of one of the highest care for those who are in need. i'm sorry kate, steve & sam. i'm frustrated for you.