Sunday, August 20, 2006

Too much pressure for a (thirty-)four-year-old

"You can go home IF you eat and IF you can keep the oral version of your medication down (which, by the way, tastes terrible) and IF you promise to see your pediatrician tomorrow."

Excitement ensues.

So he ate a McDonald's cheeseburger and fries lovingly brought to him and stored in the fridge since lunch (when he was still refusing to eat).

And then they brought the oral medication to him (which, by the way, tastes terrible).

He threw up.

We're still here.

He's asleep and I'm crying.

Ain't this fun?

Things I will eventually write about:
~the hospital hunger strike and the nonstop comments on his food intake (or lack thereof)
~related to the hunger strike...just how close I came to killing a doctor
~related to the klling urge...just how close I came to having a breakdown and hurting a nurse and a nursing student
~the pee-catching and associated comments about that
~the playroom that is never open (and the child life specialist with a stick up her ass)
~the bouncing balls that weren't
~my child's early philanthropy efforts to single-handedly finance this hospital through penny donations at the donation drops that allow the coins to spin round and round and round
~my hysterical crying jags
~the 9,586,375,485,305 people who told Sam how cute he is
~the important things and perspective and desensitization


Julie said...

My word, this has to be taking its toll on you guys. Still wishing for a speedy recovery, a little cooperation, and hey, how 'bout a break thrown in for good measure.
To insanity - and beyond!

Holley said...

Urrgh. Hugs again.

I'm sorry that you have to go through this really stressful time.

kate said...

Yes, what Julie said! Sending (((((hugs)))))) for you and Sam....i hope he can keep those icky meds down...

Jill said...

Good Grief! I've been offline and have just caught up on Sam's dramas. I am so sorry and I am wishing you relaxation and pina coladas at the first possible moment. (((hugs)))

Julie said...

I'm so sorry Cathy. WTF is wrong with those people? Of course he doesn't want to eat. I don't blame him. I am really hoping you guys can get out of there soon. I know this is taking it's toll on all of you. Hope Sam gets to come home SOON. (((hugs)))

Kathy McC said...

Oh man...that just sucks big ones. I am sorry things are still crazy. Hope healing comes soon and you can get home.

Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

Big hugs to all 3 of you!

deadbabymama said...

I've been away, not sure what is going on but I'm sending my support! Now I will go and read the posts and figure out what's up.

Penultimatina said...

Arg! Lots of serious get well vibes coming Sam's way.