Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How we warp our child

Me: Get your shoes on, we're going to go meet baby Milo.
Sam: He's here?
Me: Yep, he was just born today?
Sam: He was born today?
Me: Yep.
Sam: So he's not dead?
Steve: No, some babies (oops)...MOST babies get to go home to live with their mommies and daddies.
Me: Like you did...when you got to come live with us.
Sam: So he was born? How?
Me: Remember when Laura and Justin came for Travis' funeral? Milo was in Laura's tummy then...and he came out today.
Sam: How?
Me: (panicking) He was born.
Sam: So he's not going to be an angel?
Steve: Just get your shoes on.

We are not going to win any parent of the year awards, that's for sure.


One Mother's Journey said...

Wow. That's pretty intense Catherine.

kate said...


I dunno, i think you are doing pretty well, considering.

Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

*hugs* You two are wonderful parents.

Anna said...

Wow. Sam is just wonderful. That was intense, but really...You two are NOT warping him. You are amazing parents.

Kathy McC said...

You're definitely not warping him. You are being honest with him. I never understand parents who lie to their kids to try and cover up pain...I'd much rather him learn life's hard lessons from his parents who love and protect him than from outsiders. Death is part of life, and unfortunately, he got to see that sooner than most kids do. (((hugs)))

Diana said...

I think you handled that just fine.

Julie said...

Wow. You did well.

Lorem ipsum said...

Excellent, excellent. You handled that well. And Sam is wise beyond his years, unfortunately. But that'll make all the difference in the rest of his life. Bless you all.

Holley said...

You and Steve were great!

After all, Sam wasn't asking for diagrams!


Shinny said...

You did great. It is just sad that any of you have to even think about a conversation like that let alone actually have one with your son.

I am still trying to get volunteers to send you socks. I may end up sending you some socks myself just so you don't get cold feet this winter.

Mrs. Fun said...

I think you two are doing a great job. don't cut yourself short.
lots of hugs for Sam, hes gone through a lot in his short life.

deadbabymama said...

You win my Parents of the Year Award! Not only are you grieving two kids you are being great parents to Sam, open and honest parents who are gentle but don't cover up the facts. I think you are brilliant parents, and anyone who says different has their head screwed on assbackwards.