Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dear Dr. A

Dr. A:

Steve and I were talking about all of this and he asked a couple questions I couldn't answer. I hope you don't mind that I pester you with them.

Since there doesn't appear to be a clotting problem, would we still do small dose coagulation treatment? If so, is this something I should start before we try to conceive? or would it start after I got pregnant? If it starts before we try to get pregnant, how long before?

Just to let you know where we are mentally with all this...

We both realize that we're not ready to try again. But we haven't completely ruled out the possibility either. So we want to know what we should do IF we decide to give it another try. I think it might also help us make that decision if we know what all would be involved in trying again.

Thanks again. I really appreciate the time and attention you have given us. You have been very kind, and that means a lot to Steve and me.

Hi, Cathy, Hi, Steve,

I am here to help you guys out---please, never think twice about contacting me---I’m here for you.

I’d still put you on a prophylactic dose of blood thinners; it would be one injection daily of a medicine called lovenox. Despite the fact that the tests did not point towards a clotting issue, I’m not reassured/convinced. As the downsides to this approach are minimal (except for the daily injections), I’d still try to cover that base.

Nope, don’t have to be on before conceiving; would start when you realized you were pregnant.

I’ll be out of town from 7 August through 14th (in case you try to get me…).

Take care,
Dr. A

So that's the latest. Steve and I have agreed to take a break on the decision-making until the house renovation is finished (or at least until it's in a liveable condition...we ARE realists about the whole thing). This gives me time to figure out what I really want to do and it means I can lift heavy things, paint, etc. without worrying. It's all good. :o)


R said...

I am excited for you, Catherine, for the possibilities. How I long to someday read a post on your site...announcing, the birth of ______! With joyful pictures and Sam dancing around the baby.

I love you!

kate said...

Yeah, it's a good plan, to wait out the renovation (a bit, anyway) before you decide. I am hoping that the reno will go nicely according to plan...

Sherry (Hallesmom) said...

Your Dr has been so wonderful giving you all the information he can. And daily shots are not bad (if you have never given yourself a shot before).

Lisa P. said...

Dr. A sounds like a dreamboat compared to some of the idiots I've seen. Can I borrow him to say " the downsides to this approach are minimal" to anyone who doesn't think I need to be on blood thinners, either?

I was actually suprised to see that lovenox wasn't listed in this article, which I found on one of the blogs I read (Vivien's, perhaps? yes, that's it)...

Holley said...