Wednesday, July 26, 2006

And (some of) the test results are in...

Hi, Cathy,

Most of the tests are back; the ones that look for an inherited or acquired predisposition to clotting (which can therefore result in losses) are normal---still a few of those pending, though.

The Parvovirus B 19 test was positive. By the IgG antibodies, it showed that you have had this in the past---can't tell how far in the past. This might well be the cause---no way to know for sure, but it becomes a good candidate in the absence of other clues. If this really was causal, should not be an issue going forward.

I'll let you know once the few pending test results are in.

Dr. A


So I caught something and killed my kid...again.

Just bad luck...again. (The risk of fetal death attributable to acute parvovirus B19 infection during pregnancy is estimated to be less than 10%, ranging from 3 to 38% in different studies.)

I give up.


kate said...

I don't know about that...most of us do test positive for parovirus (fifth's disease) because most of us have had it in the past -- usually as children, when it is largely asymptomatic anyway. Did you have a test for these antibodies before you became pregnant with Travis, and you were negative for them? Because if not, it is far more likely that you had already been exposed long ago.

Also if Travis had B19, it should have shown up on his test results, no?

On the other hand, the timing of his death (around 20 weeks) is consistent with loss associated with B19. So that might be what Dr. A. is holding on to.

Aurelia said...

Puh-leeze don't blame your yourself. Viruses can be in your body forever, and this one could have been in you 3 weeks ago or 10 years ago, before you had Sam. There really is no way of knowing, but I for one doubt it caused your losses. I highly recommend taking down a wall or two with a sledgehammer, after drawing a picture of the doctor's face on it. Highly useful for getting the frustration out. It worked for me...

Catherine said...

The parvovirus is also consistent with the finding of anemia in Travis.

It's entirely possible that Travis didn't have the virus, but that the virus caused the placental inflammation and Travis basically suffocated to death. Which would explain why there were no outward symptoms of distress before that day.

I tend to believe that the doc is spot on on this one...particularly given the lack of clotting issues.

And I know it didn't cause Alex's death. Alex died from a bacterial infection (proven by autopsy). Again...just bad luck...a freak thing in my body.

Sweet Coalminer said...

Oh God. I am so mad at the universe for you. When you think about it, it is such a miracle that anyone has a live baby.

I know I'm negative for Fifth's, and I would be terrified if I got pregnant again, especially if Mimi were in daycare. Add it to the list of things to be scared of: deli turkey, Prevacid, lizard poop...

I'm so glad you have an answer though. ((hugs)) to you. It ISN'T fair.

Holley said...


Big hugs to you.