Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I win...sort of

The bank realized their mistake and they will compromise and pay out the deposit up front...with a submission of a list of supplies and suppliers the contractor intends to us. My contractor is not happy ("I'm not in the business of letting people look at my books") but he will work with us and my house will be fixed. I'm not sure I want an unhappy contractor working on my house. If all else fails to smooth things over with him, I think I may have to break out the homemade chocolate chip cookies and the tears. Which to try first...?

I finally caught a break! Can you believe it?!?! It must be a festivus miracle!


JMB said...

Good for you making the bank own up to their idiocy, but boo to them for being such creeps to your contractor. You know, if we as lawyers (yes, I'm one of them too), did something like this, nastygrams would fly and words like "malpractice" and "negligent" would be used. But since bankers know that they have us by the, ahem, sensitive parts, they really don't care. I'm happy to hear that your destruction and construction will go on as planned. As for appeasing said grumpy contractor, I know that chocolate chip cookies would work to win me over....:)

kate said...

Sounds good.

Beer. Try beer. Beer works better than cookies *or* tears to smooth over the unhappy contractor...if you feel like the personal touch is better, maybe you should start the homebrew process NOW ;)

Penultimatina said...

Dancing around the festivus pole on your behalf... :)