Friday, June 23, 2006

Miscellaneous thoughts

Time for some miscellaneous thoughts again. Maybe I'll make this a regular Friday feature. Nah, I can't promise something like that. I would only disappoint you and you'd leave me. Don't leave me faithful blog readers...I love you (she says a bit too desperately).
Actual interrogatory posed in a lawsuit...

Provide a complete description of the trees that were allegedly cut down.

No, I'm not kidding. Now stop laughing.
I work in a building that has no elevator...on the second floor. It takes me about five minutes to get up and down the stairs with my bum ankle. For the past week, my coworkers have enjoyed lunches together down in the conference room and at various establishments in the small town in which we work. They have asked me each time if I wanted to go with them, knowing I wouldn't be able to navigate the stairs. Nobody offered to sit with me in my office and eat lunch. I'm feeling a bit like I did in high school...left out and sad. (sniffle)
My husband has endured the last almost seven weeks of my really bad attitude. I need to do better by him. I recognize that I need to stop being completely honest (re: teh good, the bad, AND the ugly) with him in front of Sam...because Sam takes that as permission to be completely honest with Daddy. And the good, the bad, and the ugly is NOT cute when it's coming out of the mouth of your four-year-old son.
I've loaned my maternity clothes to lauralu and now I'm loaning my doppler to Rachel. Oh, who the heck am I kidding? Loaning? I guess it's just easier to gradually let go instead of giving it all up at once. Gives me time to adjust to the idea.
We did a BAD thing. Sam came home last night from daycare and threw up. Once. Then he felt fine and ate his dinner and slept through the night without a problem. We sent him to daycare despite the 24-hour rule. I don't have anymore time off due to my ankle-induced vacation last week...and Steve needs to save up his days for our trip to the conference in July. We just couldn't afford a day off. And Sam seemed fine. I know...mommies everywhere hate me now. C'est la vie.
That's the second time today I've used "c'est la vie." Weird.
The small town I work in is having a small town street festival this weekend. I would love to attend...if it weren't for this dang ankle. So instead, I will be cleaning my house. Renting a steam cleaner to do the carpet in the one carpeted room (to remove the disgusting wet dog smell), vacuuming, dusting, doing dishes, and washing a mountain of laundry. I may even convince Steve to help me start moving stuff from the upstairs into the basement, in anticipation of the beginning of our home renovation. I wonder if the contractor (who is also an acquaintance/friend) would let me swing a sledgehammer for the demolition phase of things? I have some aggression issues I would like to work out.

I am, however, slightly sad about doing away with Sam's room. He's very rarely slept in it. He plays in it even less often. But it's the room we prepped and painted together for him before he was even born. It's blue with yellow stars in the shapes of the constellations that represent the zodiac signs of his, Steve, and both sets of grandparents. And he wants to paint his new room red and decorate with a "talking cars" theme (Cars, the movie). sigh...I guess it's time to let go.

But on the positive side of things...across the hall...I'll get rid of that damn room that never got used for either baby. I will not be sad to see it go. AT.ALL.
I have to find someone to draw up our house plans for the building department. Know anyone who does this cheap?
There are "issues" with the bank manager who was preparing our loan. What issues? He's an idiot. Now that he's on vacation, we're finally getting things done. I'm pretty sure this is not how it's supposed to work, but long as I get my loan and my jacuzzi tub. :o)
A coworker offered me a ride home after work so I wouldn't have to sit here and wait for Steve (we are still a one-car household). I thanked her but declined. She said, "But it's Friday," as if that had some magic meaning. Is Friday special for some reason? The rest of the week, the time I've spent sitting here in my office waiting is ok because it occurred on a day other than Friday? I'm baffled. Or maybe I'm just too old to remember Friday fun. But she's older than me, so I'm going to stick with baffled.
A barbecue sounds good this weekend, don't ya think? hmmm...I wonder if I could convince Steve to do some grocery shopping?
I think that's it for now. If I don't run into you on the street...have a great weekend!
Read it, learn it, do it.
How to blog
(that is, of course, provided I can keep this one alive)


Lisa P. said...

Thanks for posting that "how to blog" list. I'm guilty of #11 all over the place, and worry far too much about #29 -- the fact that I'm giving it another shot though is hopefully proof that I'm learning something.

I had a very long comment to you written out a few days back, and then I decided it sounded too much like assvice, so I copied/pasted it with the intention of emailing it (as though somehow that would lessen my asshattedness, I guess) -- but then hit "ctrl-c" on something else and so lost the whole thing. It's probably better; I can't remember now what I was trying to say but it was probably pretty asshattery if I was that afraid to post it. All that aside, though, I wanted you to know that I'm reading, and am trying to be better about commenting. :)

Suzanne said...

I think you should do this random thoughts thing regularly. great blog!
PS i think it is a great weekend for a BBQ :)

Windfall Woman said...

I will never leave Catherine. You are a wonderful person. Your strength overwhelms me. You're a hero.

One Mother's Journey said...

The random thoughts is working for me also. :)

GREAT weekend for a BBQ and for the husband to grocery shop!

Diana said...

If I worked in or around your building, hell if I lived in your state I would have lunch with you in your office. You wouldn't even have to say a word, we would just be there, eating lunch.