Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Weird Dreams for $100 Alex

1. Being in love with Peter Fonda...and he being in love with me (but not a sex dream...just hugs and kisses and love).
2. Playing Centipede with lauralu (don't worry Laura...I always lost).
3. Eating a huge salad made of pretty flowers.

No idea, so don't even ask. But it was an interesting night, that's for sure.


lauralu said...

that's pretty good if i can win a game i don't even know. i'm just genius that way, i guess.

i've been having some wacky dreams, too. damn hormones.

Lorem ipsum said...

Peter Fonda = drugs
Laura = rock and roll
Flowers = sex

...but what do I know...?

R said...

number 3 means the beast is a girl.

Catherine - wondering what you thought about this and how it relates to stillbirth, etc...

somehow I don't feel like she's being realistic, but I can't put my finger on it.

lauralu said...

i'd like to chime in on your comment, rach...i went and read her post, and while i would never, ever in a million years not avail myself of medical technology galore, i actually think it makes sense. she's not pushing home birth for everyone, just for low risk people, and frankly she's right about hospitals being horrible dens of germiness. if i were young, and had no losses, and had no risk factors, i'd love to do a home birth. i'd love to work with a midwife. i'd love to fly an airplane. i'd love to be ruler of the world so everyone would have to do what i say, because obviously my way is better. it's too late for all of these things for me, but it's not too late for low-risk moms (at least the home birth part).