Friday, February 10, 2006


I just went looking online for dishes to match the ones already in my kitchen. The pattern is "retired" and the pattern is now considered "vintage."

Granted, I got them as wedding gifts eleven and a half years ago...but vintage?!?!


Sherri M said...

Hi there,
A great site I have used to find matching pieces is I have found pieces from my grandmother's old old china as well as the china my husband bought for me just a few years ago. hope this helps...

Lorem ipsum said...

It's called 'Forever Yours.' When I had some broken in a move several years ago (yes, incompetent movers can break Corelle) I got replacement pieces on Ebay.

We got stoneware for our wedding and we use those every day, but we have the FY boxed up in the crawl space. Lighter and more kid-friendly, supposedly.