Friday, February 10, 2006


This is my first attempt at stripes. I ended up tearing it all apart because I didn't change colors the right way. Hopefully I will have time to start again sometime this weekend on a scarf. Keep your fingers crossed. I've also got christening gown patterns calling my name... So much stitching, so little time.


Jill said...

Am I to understand that you could not previously knit and you are now knitting ribs AND a pattern AND changing colours? Hmph. Disgusting really. I learned to knit granny squares when I was 10 and have graduated in the 20 years since to scarves....yes, long granny squares!! LOL, you are a very clever person!

puremood said...

i want to learn to do that... I was going to knit joe something for christmas but never got around to it. hmm, i chalk it off to i suck LOL