Monday, January 09, 2006

What have I gotten myself into?

I signed up for Secret Pal 7. You get assigned a secret pal with a knit/crochet interest to pamper for three months or so. Sounds theory. I have been assigned a secret pal that is a knitting dynamo. I swear, this woman has lightening fast hands. And the projects she completes. Holy moly! I'm still using training wheels as far as crochet goes and my secret pal's got sweaters and socks and hats and you name it. How do I pamper someone who is so far ahead of me on the curve? I don't even know what she's talking about most of the time when she blogs about her projects. oy! I think I have gotten in WAY over my head.

I got an email from the secret pal who got me. Hi secret pal! I promise my blog won't all be depressing and boring. I've got to get a more positive attitude. I've got to move forward with my life. New year and all that sunshiney stuff. Hopefully crocheting will distract me enough to keep me from looking back too terribly much.

I did my first two snowflakes last night! I have to get to the craft store and get some Elmer's and some glitter so I can block them and show them off. I'm so excited! A new obsession in crafting!

Plus, I marked myself down for a February project on All Crafts for Charity. Arkansas Children's Hospital! We're going to make things for all different types of kids too...not just it should be really fun. Now I just need some inspiration for what to make. hmmmm...

Well...the new receptionist is making the rounds to say hello. I better not be blogging when she comes in. Talk at ya later!


cat said...

You might pamper her with things related to knitting... a lovely set of wooden needles, a skein or two of a swanky yarn? A fancy knitting magazine? Perhaps one from the UK...

There are a multitude of things that knitters love and use, so don't worry she will feel pampered just by you thinking about her no matter what you do.

Holley said...

I agree--when it comes to pampering it's nice just to be thought of.

Besides, you crochet so you can do some things for her that she wouldn't normally do for herself.

As far as the Children's hospital, I have two ideas:

Blankets--when I was hospitalized as a kid I would have liked a snuggly blanket rather than that hospital issue stuff.

Or you could find a pattern for crocheting stuffed animals.