Monday, January 09, 2006

Yeah, sure

I'd LOVE to see your happy-baby-at-Christmas pictures. I don't suppose you'd like to see a picture of Alex's grave at Christmas, would you? We decorated it really nice with a little Christmas tree and a poinsetta. Oh, see, now I'm being snarky.

(In my most polite and respectful tone of voice...) Can't you see that every happy baby picture just shows me what I'm missing? What the f*ck is wrong with you? Don't you have a heart? (Oops...I think I lost that polite and respectful tone of voice somewhere.)


cat said...

Crap... I'm so sorry you have to be surrounded by such insensitivity.


gabesmama said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for helping me lately. You are definitely my cyber sister. It is funny because you posted something like this about Christmas photos/cards and just after you did I received one that really hurt me. After losing Gabe, I talked with a friend who is long distance from me now. She just had a D&C. She was trying to get pregnant again when I was but then I lost again. She and I haven't been in contact through my own fault and then the Christmas card. Sure enough she had a BEAUTIFUL girl. It hurt. It hurt because I was trying at that time too and only had more loss. I hated that picture. It hurt so much. Yet, if I have a child I don't know that i wouldn't do the whole Christmas card photo thing. I know before I had loss I used to like getting them a lot and it didn't hurt like it does now. So maybe the answer is to not send them to people who you KNOW have just lost a baby.

rach said...

We didn't send a picture of Lucy to our friends who just experienced a stillbirth. In my opinion that could be constituted as cruel and unusual punishment.