Sunday, January 08, 2006

Desperation thy name is ME

I caved. I gave in to the pressure. I folded like a cheap suit all wrinkly and ugly. So much for all my high and mighty parenting ideas.

You see, Sam wouldn't sleep in his own bed because his room is upstairs (ours is down) and it's too dark and scary at night. It's a great little white tube toddler bed that was a hand-me-down from Steve's sister's girls. I even bought him NASCAR bedding AND Thomas the Tank Engine bedding in the hopes of enticing him to sleep in his own bed. Nope.

For months, I have found myself clinging to the edge of my king sized bed, struggling to wrestle blankets for myself, covering my head so I couldn't hear the toddler snores directly in my ear. It was...acceptable. But after months of increased sleep activity on Sam's part, we finally reached a breaking point. Last night I woke to find Sam kicking Steve in the face...with both feet. While it is kind of a funny story to tell, it's not exactly conducive to a safe and sound night's sleep.

So what's a family to do? Better question...what's a family...who has no bassinett in their room as do? Exactly. The toddler bed is now in the corner of our room. Not EXACTLY the plans I had for this time of this year. But you do what you have to do, I suppose. Now if it works and we all get some sleep, I guess it will soften some of the sting.


Jill said...

I hear ya. Both girls have their matresses in our room right now to benefit from the air conditioning. I just couldn't spend another night getting kicked out of bed and into their HOT room. Sleep is good. Do what you have to to get it;)

Oh - I also decorated their room in the highest of girly fashion to entice them too. Nothing is as good as our bed though and thankfully it usually is Daddy who gets booted in the face!

kate said...

Whatever works...that's my parenting mantra...

Catherine said...

meh...didn't work. Now what do I do?