Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Treasured memories

Who is this girl and why is she standing barefoot in the snow?

In 1980, when I was eight years old, we all took a trip "out west." We hit Yellowstone and about a zillion other scenic points along the way. We traveled with my aunt, uncle, two cousins, and my grandparents (my Dad's side). When I thought back on it, I thought I was older somehow. But I was eight...eight years old and gullible enough to believe my cousin when he told me that glacier snow wasn't cold.

I'll probably look through these old photos and post a few more. They make me smile.


cat said...

Ok wait, not to mention you are wearing shorts and short sleeves! You look very cold out there.

Very cute and cold.

Sweet Coalminer said...

That is such a cute picture. More! More!

Lorem ipsum said...

My friend AB and I did similar pictures driving across the Sierra Nevadas. Not to mention the requisite stop at the Donner Pass, fingers in mouths in mock auto-cannibalism.