Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cropped out

I haven't scrapbooked in almost a year. I've been rather distracted by the sadness in my life to spend time making memories look pretty in a little book. But lately I've been getting the urge to get back to it. I even looked through my stash yesterday to see where I left off and what supplies I had to work with (I have too much stuff, if you must know). I didn't quite get to the actual scrapbooking stage because I had Sam home with me...and nobody to distract him. Now, scrapbooking, on a good day with Steve to run interference, is hard enough with Sam around. He's curious and talkative...and very "touchy" (I don't like my stuff to be moved when I'm working with it). So it's best that I put it off and plan for a weekend. I was even considering packing up my bag and heading to the scrapbook store about a half hour from home to use their "crop room" sometime soon.

But in the true f--- you fashion of the universe, my email this morning informed me that the store is closing its doors. I'm bummed.

It's one of those places that you can run to if you need something...because you know they will have what you're looking for (or something adequately similar). It's also one of those places that you save up your money so you can go in and impulse shop to your heart's content. On more than one occasion I have left with a bag full and a promise, "As soon as I get paid Thursday, I'm coming back for x, y, or z."

The people there are incredibly friendly and they were always running some fun promotion or other to entice you. Now I'll have to settle for those big chain craft stores. While they're nice in their own right, they just don't have that same feeling. The customer service is oftentimes given with an attitude. And there's a pretty good chance you will visit and not find what you are looking for.

I really wish I had the business sense to open my own craft store. I think it would be interesting and fun. Of course, the scrapbook store only lasted three years...so I bet I'm better off where I am.

Where's that special store that you shop? You know...the one place that is "different" from all the others...that you really enjoy visiting to spend your hard-earned money?


Holley said...

Cath, if I ever win the lottery, you and I will open a craft store (if you still wanna). And we'll serve coffee too! ;o)

I have the day off today since I'm old and can't handle going to work after the long drive from my in-laws. So when Angie takes her napand Chas has returned from a breakfast meeting, I will head to the Red Apple to pick up some goodies they ordered for me and then browse a bit. Not that I need more cross stitch supplies. Well actually, I do. Chas would just disagree.

Sherry said...

So funny you should mention this! After years off of scrapbooking, I am just getting back into it. Mark made our spare bedroom into a 'craft room' for me complete with countertops. There are SO many new products out there that I am over-whelmed and just reading and looking and buying a little as I organize my stuff and thoughts before I really scrap again. Anytime you feel like sharing - I'd love to see a page of yours.

On to your question, I just found out about a local craft / scrap store and can't wait to go look! I am hoping to take a day trip to Buffalo to the Creative Keepsakes Convention in June (wanna go? We could meet there for a day of cropping and shopping!).

Can I go home now and play with my supplies? hee hee

kate said...

I hope you can find another scrapbook store close to you! I agree, the chain stores are just not the same. But it is so popular nowadays maybe a new store will open up.

I don't know -- i tend to spend too much at a few yarn stores around here but i have not really found anyplace that i am tied to. Which is odd for me...usually i have my favorites quite quickly...

Windfall Woman said...

I have a little jewelry shop that sells makeup, clothes, candles, soap....smells divine and they know me by name. AND...they give me a 20% discount.