Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Best & Worst Dressed

I watched the Golden Globes last night. While I've only seen one of the movies that was nominated for anything (Cinderella Man...good movie...no awards), any excuse to catch a peek at Russell Crowe has me tuned in. :o)

My vote for best dressed of the evening goes to...
Jaime Pressly. I have no idea what she's starring in lately...but she looks fabulous!

And my vote for worst dressed goes to...

Gwyneth Paltrow.
I know she's pregnant and all...but COME ON...what is that thing?

By request...Drew Barrymore


cat said...

UGH! Gwenyth in any thing is annoying... but especially an unflattering maternity gown. Hell flaunt those boobs babe you wont have them for long.

Holley said...

Jaime is the ex-wife on My Name is Earl. Chas and I really like the show.

I didn't watch--was Russell there?

Any other good gowns? I heard Natalie Portman looked wonderful.

gabesmama said...

But wait did you see the braless, green Drew Barrymore? She is a close second to Gwenith.

Catherine said...

I DID see Drew. I commented that she seemed in need of a cart to help her drag those boobs around. (Couldn't find a picture of her online, unfortunately)

Russell WAS there...and he announced that he and Dani are expecting baby #2...due in July, I think he said.

Holley said...


I would love to see a picture of Drew. I saw a good dozen of Teri Hatcher but none of Drew.

And Russell looked nice.

Heather said...

I love My Name is Earl. Oh my word, it is so funny! Oh, and how about the "twins" on Scarlet Johansen? Whoa Nelly!

AJW5403 said...

I agree with you on Gwenyth's dress. It seem like with all the money these stars make they could find better clothes.

mopsy said...

Drew looked like a big bumpy pickle, something entered in the funny vegetable contest at the county fair.

Gwyneth looked like she fought a case of Charmin at Costco and lost.

Holley said...

OMG! The horror!

Wear a bra.

I'm fairly liberal, but for the love of humanity, please wear a bra.

You are younger than me, no way should you be sagging to your elbows lady.

When Bridesmaid's dresses go bad. Very, very bad.

And the facial expression is perfect.

Excellent work finding the picture Cathy.

Holley said...

And the password for the previous comment could be interpreted as:

hippee day ho.

How utterly appropriate.

I'll stop now.

Windfall Woman said...

I think Drew was the worst. JUST AWFUL......