Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The proof is in the smiling

I heard from my friend who was finally able to adopt a baby boy. Actually, I sent her an email asking for an update. Today she sent me an update (and a picture).

Here is our little bundle of Chase Aidan...6lbs 3oz...born on 12/21/05. We just got home a couple days's soooo good to be home!! The dogs all love him to pieces...they keep coming over to lick him on the head...once I have rested up & get things on a schedule will write an in depth letter about Mr. Chase & our travels.
Sherie , Michael, 5 crazy spots, & Chase Aidan

I didn't cry at all. In fact, it made me smile and I didn't even want to cry.

That makes me smile even more.

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Dana said...

It makes me smile as well.

Love you!