Monday, November 07, 2005

The truth hurts


A co-worker told me that she is leaving for a new job at the beginning of next month. She said, "We'll keep in touch." Suddenly, I realized I have no need for pleasantries and said, "People always say doesn't happen." She looked stunned. I don't think it was rude to say this. Was I wrong?


Got my mug back. She rinsed it off and set it on the counter. She wasn't there to see, but I rinsed it out again and poured my coffe into it. I wonder if she'll be offended if she sees me drinking out of it now. Too bad. All is right with the world. (I'll put it in my desk drawer when I'm done with it from now on.)


Cross your fingers for us today. Sam has school pictures at his preschool. We have tried unsuccessfully for the past two years to get school pictures. He just doesn't cooperate with the photographers.

And the last scheduled school picture session was May 9th. Cancelled for reasons beyond all of our control.



R said...

you know, i think that is one great thing i have noticed about me getting older. i care less about saying the truth. good for you. and I adore the names Sam and Alex. Good choices! Classic and strong.

R said...

*edited to say, care less about offending others, and care more about saying the truth.

pengo said...

First off - I am so glad you got your mug back. Seriously. At least you knew where it was.

Lasy summer, when I was in NYC for the Fringe, someone broke into my car (popped the lock actually, nothing was damaged) and lifted our thousand dollar, professional-grade CD player.

Then, Labor Day weekend, we were in Athens for Toni's grandfather's memorial service (Grandfather Calvin, that grandfather) and I popped into the hall with Zelda, leaving the diaper bag in the hall for maybe five minutes. It was swiped.

It held Toni's wallet, both of our pairs of perscription sunglasses, and my digital camera.

I resumed therapy that week.

It's all part of the same thing. What if someone just picks up Zelda and runs off with her? Sometime when I am not paying attention? Like I wasn't when when my son Calvin was dying?

This anxiety got worse as Toni was pregnant with Orson. And on one of the more difficult days working in schools last winter (I'm not even describing that one) my jacket was taken.

What control do we have, really, over anything? And what do we do about that, that lack of control? I don't have an answer for that yet.

Also: you can be rude, and also be right. I stand by your decision to be the former. Why not?

Good luck with the photos - even the bad ones are good, though, aren't they?

cat said...

*fingers crossed* good luck Sam.

msfitzita said...

I'm so happy the mug is back with its rightful owner. You have no idea how happy I am. :)