Monday, November 07, 2005

Two years worth of movie reviews

I have not been to the movies in over a year. I'm not sure if we've even rented a movie in the last year. Time to hit the video store and find a cheap matinee (or two).

Movies of interest from 2004 include but are not limited to...

Against the Ropes
Christmas with the Kranks
Finding Neverland
The Forgotten
Garden State
Hotel Rwanda
Jersey Girl
The Ladykillers
Laws of Attraction
Lemony Snicket's a Serious of Unfortunate Events
National Treasure
The Notebook
Ocean's Twelve (first need to see any and all previous Ocean's)
The Polar Express
Raisin Helen
Shall We Dance
The Terminal
The Village

Movies of interest from 2005 include but are not limited to...

Million Dollar Baby
The Wedding Date
Star Wars Episode III
Cinderella Man
Dark Water
The Wedding Crashers
Must Love Dogs
The Skeleton Key
Two for the Money
Chicken Little
Bee Season
Harry Potter
Walk the Line
Chronicles of Narnia

Any I should cross off the list? Any I should add? Let me know please.


R said...

Move Crash to the top of the list. It is an amazing movie. I watched it 3 times in a row.

The Forgotten is an interesting premise...testing the bond of mother/child love...sort of weird though.

I'll quit looking like i'm stalking your blog now. :)


Lisa P. said...

I loved the Forgotten even though I'm generally scared silly by movies like that.

Closer is depressing, and slow. I thought I'd really like it due to the actors involved but it wasn't that good.

I've been afraid to rent/see any movies like Dark Water but really, really want to. But I probably won't.

Sideways was EXCELLENT!! So was Garden State.

I have nothing new to add.

Holley said...

I saw Star Wars. The afterglow has faded so I would give it a "meh" now. I probably just need to see it again. Bits were good, bits were not so good.

I would highly recommend Serenity. I saw it the day it was released. Awesome movie, but I'm not sure if you need to watch the series (only 13 ep and they are on dvd) to get the full impact. I loved it and thought it was just better than Star Wars.

Have you seen all of the Lord of the Rings yet?

Heather said...

Hotel Rwanda and The Notebook were great. Raising Helen was cute. Million Dollar Baby wasn't as great as expected. It was a long movie and I hated the ending.

cat said...

Ok I am a sci-fi/fantasy movie fan so...

Star Wars Ep 3. Loved it bought the DVD the day it came out. Still love it. Can't wait for the TV series!

I agree with Holly "Serenity" was really good it's certainly worth a viewing. Good ole fashioned space movie.

The Forgotten (creepy and good.)

The Butterfly Effect (got bad reviews but the geeks loved it)

Spiderman 2 (better than number one).

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (if you like potter).

War of the Worlds (creepy if you can stand Tom Cruise)

Fantastic Four (cheesy but an ok superhero flick, good summer popcorn viewing)

Mr & Mrs Smith (Brangelina in the making)

Sin City (Loved this film but warning: it's violent watch without child)

Now you can tell what kind of flicks we like to watch. ;)

The one Sci Fi flick that sucked: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy avoid... Douglas Adams is rolling over in his grave.

Can't wait for Narnia! Go WETA!

Anam Cara said...

The only movie you have listed in 2005 that I saw was Million Dollar Baby. I liked it better than I thought I would (because I absolutely hate boxing). I thought it was good, but the ending was very very sad.

From your 2004 list, Hotel Rwanda was good, Sideways was okay, Spanglish was "cute", and Closer just sucked (in my humble opinion).Haven't see any of the others you listed. Although I did see Ocean's Eleven and I hated it.

Hope that helps a little.

pengo said...

Three stars next to "Garden State."

Just saw "Batman Begins" on DVD this weekend. Cross "Star Wars" off your list and replace it with this. I was really, really surprised - much better than any other Batman movies ... if you like that sort of thing.

Jill said...

Fell asleep for:

Million Dollar Baby
Lemony Snicket

Should have slept though all od Alfie but rolled over when they got to a dodgy bit and slept for the last half.

Had a good catharthic cry at Finding Neverland and my friend highly recommends The Notebook.

I cannot wait for Narnia and other movies I will rent when I pay my late fees are Raising Helen, The Wedding Crashers, The Skeleton Key and Chicken Little.

Happy box-watching!

lauralu said...

so much to say - must restrain self.

forget jersey girl. one of the worse movies ever made. what was kevin smith thinking?

if you rent only one, rent sideways.

don't cross closer off your list. it's terrible, but only in what happens in the movie, what the people do to each other, and it's a little stilted, from being adapted from a play, but it's still amazing.

to add to your list: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind - the thinking person's romance.

Hoyt said...




Best flick I've seen in the last several years.

Lorem ipsum said...

S, vertical?

Love it, any way you tilt it.

Lorem ipsum said...

Oh - have you seen 'Bend it Like Beckham'? Another recent fave of mine. Also 'Bride and Prejudice' with Aishwarya Rai. And 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin.'

What all three have in common: Bollywood-type numbers, in varying amounts of length and authenticity.

Jill said...

Yeah, Bend it Like Beckham is really good. Get that one!

Holley said...

I forgot Rabbit Proof Fence.

That was really good, even if a bit painful to watch at times.

Did you see Pirates of the Carribean? Really, really good campy fun.

And I just wanted to mention Serenity again--because I love it so much.

R said...

by the way, i just read your comment to my post. that post was in NO WAY directed at you, i don't want you to think it was. it was just something that has been rolling around in my head the last 6 months or so. thanks for commenting. gave me more to think about. hope you are well today.


Bronwyn said...

I meant to post this earlier: Garden State was a fantastic hidden treasure of a movie. It was clever, charming and inspiring in its own way. The acting was very good and the script was perfect (none of your typical cloying Hollywood crap). And as an added bonus, it has a superb soundtrack. I highly recommend it!