Monday, October 03, 2005

Rubber Ducky...You're the One...

Remind me again how much I love living in an old farmhouse that needs work. This morning I woke late and was in the middle of enjoying my nice hot shower when my lovely assistant, we'll call him Beavis, opens the shower curtain and announces my shower is backing up in the basement.

"A lot?" I inquired.

"Yeah, a lot," he stated simply.

I contemplated briefly and said, "Well, I'm finishing my shower anyway," and he disappeared back behind the curtain.

It seems the plumber was right when he recommended a cap on that backup pipe in the basement. Thankfully, his prediction of sewage backing up didn't hold least not yet.

Now I will avoid the obvious husband bashing that often accompanies these events. Lesson learned here girls...if something needs it yourself.


cat said...

Was sitting here thinking your assistant walked into your shower! Then Duh, I see this is a code word for hubby. lol.

Kathy McC said...

Ohhhhhh, I so feel for you on this one. My hubby is SO un-handy, it's painful. Sometimes I think that if I wasn't around, he wouldn't even be able to wipe his own rear-end.

Thanks for the "Beavis". Very funny.

Jill said...

To think men actually think they run the world while we do less important things....pfa!

Of course it is your job! I'm very glad it didn't end up involving sewerage though!