Sunday, October 09, 2005

I need a nap.

Got the first bill for our 12 months same as cash loan that paid for new windows. Instead of the $3500 we signed an agreement for, the bill says it's more than $5300. Yep...gonna call Tuesday.

Went online to pay bills today. The online payment thingy won't let me schedule any payments before Wednesday. Guess those bills are going to be late.

The prospective adopters for one of our foster dogs decided to adopt another dog, after a whirlwind "who should we adopt?" tour. While I'm glad they adopted any dog, I'm disappointed Orbit didn't find a new home. He's so sweet.

The backyard fence project has ground to a halt. The posts need cement bases because our soil is all sand and they're not staying steady. Additionally, we need a different fencing material...the cheap stuff we bought ain't cutting it, we've decided. So...back to the home improvement store we go.

After much digging by husband and son, the pipes are uncovered and we have yet to discover what the problem is.

I have a holiday tomorrow and, for some unknown reason, I agreed to get up early and take the minivan in to the dealer for service to determine why the airbag light remains on.

I have no money and need what feels like $1000 worth of postage.

I think I WILL go take a nap now.

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¡P! said...

You're not going to want to hear this.

From what I remember about the financing that we offered at the store, which was 6 months same as cash, the 6 months bit meant basically that if you paid the balance off in 6 months, everything was square. If you didn't, then you would be charged interest retroactive to the date of purchase on the amount outstanding... which I'm guessing, judging by how you phrased it, is everything. That they would have made it a 50% APR would be... well, the wrong side of wrong.

Check the fine print before you call. Don't pick the fight until you have your facts straight. That's all I'm saying.