Friday, September 16, 2005

Feel Good, Be Happy

Seriously, that's the ad slogan running on top of a message board...a TTC After Loss message board! It's for some omega-3 crap in a pill form that is supposed to cure everything that ails you and turn you into super-mommy. I'm wondering if I'm the ONLY one on that board that finds this ad a bit inappropriate? But I have to admit that I'm wondering what it does for chronic uterine infections. I'm having visions of battlestar gallactica laser wars going on in my uterus.

Too morbid humor?


cat said...

HeHe... dark humor is sometimes the best humor. Re: Battlestar Gallactica in your uterus - hopefully the Cylons won't win in the end.

Jill said...

Pow! Pow! Take that! Visualising dead bacteria is not too morbid:)

lauralu said...

i think we will forever have a darkened sense of humor. i saw a cartoon in the new yorker today of two kids lying on the ground on their backs looking at clouds. one says something like, "that one looks like a falling engine." and the kids are in the midst of an airplane-engine-shaped shadow. i think i would have found it tasteless as year ago, or at least not very funny, but i almost wet myself today. i say take the humor where you can get it - we deserve all the humor in our lives we can get!