Friday, September 16, 2005

My poor little princess

I have five dogs. I know, I know, I mother tells me all the time how crazy it is to have five dogs. They all have their own "issues" and are "special" in their own way.

My Isaac (Australian Shepherd) is 13 years old with severe hip dysplasia. He is really being held together with medication and duct tape at this point.

Rory (black lab mixed with something that "talks" like a beagle or coonhound) is four...almost five...and a bit loopy. The vet calls him "Crazy Rory" because he is so nutso. He makes no sense and is basically brainless. The other day we thought we'd try him off leash in our yard. He took off and Steve only caught him a couple yards down because he stopped to say hi to the dogs in the neighbor's kennel.

Beau (Dalmatian lab mix) is a heartworm treatment survivor...and probably the smartest dog we have.

Milo (border collie mix) is mental. He is afraid of everyone and everything...though he has gotten over that as far as we are concerned and is now only afraid of anyone and anything outside of our house and family.

Blue (italian greyhound/dalmatian mix) is my little princess. She was the runt of her litter and found her way into our house as a means to afford her some rest and recuperation from her siblings' attacks on her. Sam named her Blue...mainly because that was the only dog name he knew at two years old (what can I say...he probably watches television a little too much). She's been here a year, though it seems much longer than that since she's stolen my heart. She has had multiple health issues and the vet thinks she may have some sort of immune disorder that will require further testing. She does have major allergies and reacts to everything...including soap, carpet cleaner, grass...etc, etc, etc.

She has, for the past year, suffered from an injury to her ear that simply will not heal. She either shakes it too hard or engages the services of one of the other dogs to lick it clean for her. I know...gross...but it leads to her current situation. The poor thing just won't let her ear heal. So we've reached the end of the solution book and have wrapped her entire head in a gauze bandage and put a cone on her to keep her from scratching the cone off. The poor thing just looks silly. I hope it works. I'm at wits end with this one.


Julie said...

Poor Blue... :(
Maybe Rory is causing her some anxiety. LOL
I hope she starts to heal soon (and leaves it that way). Few things are as sad as bandaged up-cone wearing doggy.

Sherry said...

Poor Blue! I can't believe she has had the injury so long (I am sure that delicate Greyound skin can have something to do with it). Blue is just gorgeous - I am sure even with her head wrapped :)