Sunday, September 25, 2005

A day of rest?

I SAID I wanted to spend the day vegging at home, watching football, drinking beer, and playing Thomas trains with Sam. What actually occurred...Woke up and spent the morning underneath the lawn mower (up on ramps), picking clumps of grass out of the mower deck (that had previously caused smoke and a very nervous me refusing to ever get back on that thing ever again). That was fun.

THEN I got the bright idea to take Steve and Sam for a "quick trip to Lowe's." WHO AM I KIDDING?!?!? There is NO SUCH THING when talking about home improvement stores and boys (a lethal combo). And of course, the building materials we were looking for were out of stock at Lowe's. So off we trudged down the road to Home Depot. Home can do it we can help. And help they did. We brought home all the materials necessary to fence in our backyard and make it a doggy friendly playground. It's going to be a thing of beauty. We considered starting the construction today, but the threat of thunderstorms caused serious second thoughts. Sam suggested he and Daddy could work while I held an umbrella. I asked if he remembered our tree and what happened to it...and that we didn't want to end up like that tree. He agreed.

I was testy and short tempered and nasty all day. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. But this evening I had an epiphany. It's just all too much. My brain is constantly playing a movie...and the added never-ending commentary of my three-year-old son...and the pressure of having my husband ask me a zillion and one questions about "what I want" out of this project or that project...along with the previous day's experience being social with my mother and multiple strangers...created a need in my soul to escape and find some quiet. Oh yeah...and I have PMS and a headache.


Julie said...

Sounds like you need an iced coffee. ;-P
Hope your week starts well.

Sarah said...

Sorry you've had a hard weekend. Hope you found some "me" time! :)